Am I having fun yet?

My birthday month consists of more than having fun. So that I remember to do them, I have scheduled many of my annual medical exams.

Yesterday was my visit to see Dr. Walia, for my annual skin check. I’ve had skin cancer twice (melanoma and something less worrisome), so I don’t fool around with this one. And yes, she found another suspicious lesion and took a biopsy. Results in a week, said her assistant as she helped me dress (socks and shoes). What looked like eczema a year ago has now become more a concern, than an annoyance.

The lesion is on my poor right arm, which seems to suffer with anything and everything. I once rode bikes, swam in an outdoor pool, and worked in the garden in short or no sleeves. And like many in my generation  and the one before, was a sun worshipper. I sun bathed, hiked,  rode in open boats, and did all sorts of sunny things. Sometimes I wore long sleeves, sometimes not. I never used sun screen.    

I’ve read that many older folks suffer with irritating skin growths, simply the end result of years of living.  Just yesterday, I read about skin cancer in the elderly in the ‘New Old Age’ blog:

I don’t consider myself elderly, so I will do whatever the dermatologist suggests. Last time it was MOHS surgery..if need be. I have a week to wait for the results.

The other fun thing scheduled for this week is the annual blood test. I decided to have our blood tests done at our local hospital, which advertises itself as one of the top 100 hospitals in the US. Our doctor’s office is a 45 minute drive and a bummer on an empty stomach. The hospital is 15 minutes away and we only need to fast for 4 hours. Which would you prefer?

Next week is my annual physical.  I can hardly wait to see my physician for the ‘weigh-in.’ I’ve lost 25 pounds since last year. I’m sure he will take credit for the weight loss, “See, I told you to eat cabbage soup.”

I’ve told him over and over the only thing that works for me is Weight Watchers. I’m doing the Plus diet which involves eating whatever you want but tracking your food intake, and adding the points for each item. You can’t exceed the goal number of points and expect to lose weight. You can substitute points earned via exercise. So far so good for me, although I do better when the weather is pleasant and I can get outside to walk or garden. I also wear a sun hat with a wide brim and long-sleeved shirts.


With birthdays 10 days apart, Wendy and my son Richard will turn 50 in June. Yesterday, Wendy tossed ideas around as to how to celebrate his birthday. I suggested to her that as it was her birthday also, why don’t they take a trip to Hawaii…alone. 

They live in California, and although some might think the Hawaiian islands are just off the coast (as I once did being ignorant of the geography), the islands are as far from CA as London is from NYC or Washington DC. I know this because I’ve flown both routes many times, and even a good tailwind shrinks it to only 5.5 hours. We shall see if they take this trip, but I hope they do. Every good marriage needs time away from home, work, kids, etc.


David and I finally finished planting the containers at hand, except for a couple of pots and one hanging basket. I have two more boxes of plants en route to complete the task. I also ordered my spring bulbs for 2014. I went a little nuts, but then I always do. I get bulbs for me and the critters who eat them (voles). That way, I can have a few tulips every spring and they eat well too.April 12 2010 - 3 004 

(Above and below tulips in my garden in prior years)  April 12 2010 - 3 001    

Today: Blood test at noon.

Reading: Those Angry Days, Lynne Olson    

8 thoughts on “Am I having fun yet?

  1. Sounds like an alternative kind of birthday month, Ray. Congratulations on the 25 pounds lost. I’ve only managed 15 and of course it has now slowed down to a halt because I am unable to exercise. (fractured ankle and torn ligaments.)


    • Hi Freda. Found your comment in the spam folder. I think WP has gone nuts. Congrats on 15 pounds…one day at a time. Yes, your poor ankle would keep you too stationary. Slowly it will heal. Take care.


  2. I do love tulips too. I love it that you can celebrate your birthday for the whole month. I think a trip to Hawaii alone would be a truly lovely birthday celebration also.

    I’ve been to the dermatologist and he discounted all my skin growths and patches and spots as aging. I felt like he didn’t take me seriously.


  3. Happy birthday, Dianne! 71 is a milestone for sure, considering your previous health concerns. I am thinking of seeing a female dermatologist to check all of the moles that have sprung up on my back. Hoping for good news. I love to look at those flowers. So lovely!


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