A tiny tidbit or two

Short post today. I am in one of those the harder I go the behinder I get modes of operation.

Wonder what’s going on? It’s my birthday month (an idea I got from Freda in Dalamory), and I am doing things I want to do. David bought a new mattress for me (mine was at least 15 years old).  I tried them out yesterday, for what seemed like hours. I think I settled on the medium firm Beautyrest (made in Kenosha WI). I had no idea shopping for a mattress could be so tiring.

Spring has come here in Virginia, which means outside garden work and lots of dog walking. Perhaps this will help me continue to lose weight? The problem of course is that I want to eat more.

Yesterday, we went to Appleby’s for lunch. The place was filled with the wrinkly boomers or gray hairs as my friend the flight attendant calls us.  Appleby’s serves Weight Watcher’s meals, but I had something else..French onion soup and a Caesar salad. Very nice meal and probably would have been fine, except I had their cheesecake shooter or something like that (but I put Spenda in my iced tea). I have a huge weakness…cheesecake.  Just as well I am working hard outside. Perhaps I will not gain weight this week?

Meanwhile, David brought home potting mix to fill containers and 5 or 6 boxes of plants are due this week…all for containers. I have gone container mad. HaHa, I bought another Woodstock chime too. I love my garden.

Will check out my blog friends today some time.

8 thoughts on “A tiny tidbit or two

  1. Happy Birthday, Dianne!!! You should always do what you want on your birthday. I HATE going mattress shopping. I agree that it’s exhausting on the mind, body and pocketbook.


  2. I hope you have more luck with your container gardens than I’ve had in the past. This year I have it down to just one … an upside down hanging tomato container. Wish me luck … I must be the original brown thumb !


  3. There’s this strange thing that happens to me when I cut calories and work and walk more: I put on weight. Still, gardening must be good for something, as must dog walking. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works for you.


  4. We did a home to Chicago and back to LA last year. Loved all but the southern route.
    that not only was rough, many times we got tossed around badly. If you are coming across country, come the northern route. The track is good up there. We loved it. I’m really looking forward to the trip home…except that it ends right in the middle of a meeting. Darn it.


  5. I love my Beautyrest mattress, too. As for gardening, you make it sound like so much fun. I would do it, myself, but dislike watering the pots every day. What a drag! Lol.


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