A night out or why I don’t post many photos of my family

I wanted to take cozy photos of my family last night, hovered around the table enjoying a nice meal at a Thai restaurant nearby. With some difficulty, I caught the pictures below.

In most of the photos, smiles were missing or mouths were open with food exposed, ugh. I erased these!!  My daughter refused to have her photo taken. “You’ll put it in your blog,” she said.

Connie is a school teacher and fearful of showing up on the Internet in a photo. So the pictures below are as good as it gets. (Pictured, Granddaughter Rita with her current beau, David, Connie (napkin over her head), and SIL Bill.) I took these photos with my old Cannon camera. I am hoping the new camera will give me more flexibility with photo size. Or alternatively, I will finally master the Word Press photo controls.  Ah well, practice makes perfect, thanks for bearing with me. I will not be practicing photograpy on my family very often, however. family 008 family 001 family 003 family 007


I read about six chapters in the Olson book Citizens of London, (mentioned a couple of days ago), became bored and put it down. It devolved from an interesting tale of life at the front in wartime London to a gossipy story of wartime affairs among members of the upper class (à la Downton Abby).

I outgrew Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper type books about five decades ago. I am far more interested in how the average person hovering in bomb shelters or working in munitions factories fared, i.e. Foyle’s War

Is that reverse snobbery? No, it’s the new “popular” history. The upper strata is boring.

Header above: Dogwood trees around the neighborhood. So beautiful and our Commonwealth tree.

10 thoughts on “A night out or why I don’t post many photos of my family

  1. Your granddaughter is very pretty. Sorry the rest of the family is not so agreeable. I never get this aversion to having one’s photo taken. I do like to put some lipstick on before the shutters click but I would never tell someone they couldn’t publish a photo with me in it. As for the napkin-on-head look, that would mortify me.


  2. Loved your photos. I usually try to get permission from family unless they regularly appear in their own blogs or on facebook. With strangers it varies by circumstance. If an individual is the focus of the photo, I will try to get ID and permission, even if it is a public place or event. If a child is involved, I always get at the minimum a verbal OK.


  3. This is too funny! I do try to get permission from people I know before I put them on Internet though. Most of my friends and family are really wonderful about it, a few would rather I not. I make sure I post nice photos of them.


  4. I like the photos. The waitresses look like a couple of stiffs, though.

    I agree on the books. I want to know what the hoi polloi are doing, mostly because I’m one of them.


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