One of these days

English: Baked Cheesecake

Baked Cheesecake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you procrastinate?  I have a new camera which would take great photos, if I took it out of the box and learned how to use it. I bought it with the mad idea I might take a photography class here in the county. That was last fall. I got the camera Spring 2012. Ah well, the road to hell and all that.

This is the second time I have purchased this camera. Granddaughter Joy got the first camera. I know it takes nice pictures, I’ve seen them. Meanwhile, my new camera lies in its box waiting for me to “do something.” I thought perhaps if I wrote something about my lack of effort regarding the unused camera I could embarrass myself. So far, simply writing about the issue is not working. 


So what have I been doing? Reading, working in my garden, walking the dogs and driving David nuts.

Heck, I even managed to cook a thing or two. We burned out on the diet meals from the grocery store (I wont name the brands here, but you probably know them). So, I am trying to cook again. Besides its spring and the Farmer’s Market and grocery store (which stocks locally grown organic food) both have wonderful things for sale.  I bought a cart to push around the Farmer’s Market. So far, it lies unused in the back of my car.

I’ve been building a nice recipe binder. I try a recipe, David likes it or not and if we both like it, I put it in my growing recipe book. Then, I almost never make the dish again. What does that say about my energy around cooking?

Recipes (Photo credit: pirate johnny)

Some recipes are really good. The only problem is we eat them quickly and then I have to make it again. Like the lovely cheesecake I copied from Drs Eades high protein cookbook. Simply sumptuous. I entered the recipe in the Weight Watchers recipe builder, and its only 6 points a slice. Given its almost all protein, I can eat a slice for a meal.  I wish I was Jeanne and could blink my eyes and it was done.


Following the first Earth Day in the early 1970s, I had a one acre organic kitchen garden. The fellow next door who used traditional garden methods (commercial chemicals) told me all the insects were coming over to his place to eat.

My kids helped me with that garden. Today, each has his or her own garden. Last fall I sat in Richard’s garden and watched hundreds of hummingbirds feed. He lives on the western flyway and they were migrating. Lovely.  

When they were younger, and I had my large vegetable patch, my kids and I got out in the bean section every evening after supper and killed bean beatles by mashing the yellow egg cases on the underside of leaves. Every night a new batch of eggs had appeared. Perhaps we discouraged the beetles, but after a while, they stopped laying eggs. I put up jars and jars of green beans and corn that year.

That was then. These days, my back does not allow me to do so much bending. Getting down is difficult but getting back up is the issue.  



12 thoughts on “One of these days

  1. decided to clean out under the kitchen counters, now I have a pile of stuff on the floor, went to bed, fed my neighbors cat this morning ate lunch and surprise the stuff is still there oh yes and read your blog,so now I really have to clear this crap away….


  2. Good intentions? I have plenty. It’s like making lists of things you are going to do – one day. When it’s on the list it’s half done already.

    I’v stopped eating myself up about prevaricating. Feeling guilty doesn’t make for a happy life and that must be my first priority now. There’s been plenty of misery along the way – as in most people’s life – let there be an end to it. Actually, how about a list of things to make you/me happy?


    • Good ideas Friko. I began fiddling with my camera yesterday. You are correct, writing it down is half the battle. A list of happy things. Good. I’ll start with my garden, which although small gives me great joy. Of course dogs are on the list, then my family.


  3. When it comes to electronics I usually let my engineer husband check it out first. A new electronic thing always fills me with dread knowing it’s going to take me time to learn it. It always surprises me how my nephews can just pick up a new camera and learn all the angles before I’ve figured out how to turn it on.

    Procrastination? My husband and I are actually experts at it. I’ve got the bathroom staring at me right now because I haven’t cleaned it in a while.


  4. When I buy cameras and other electronics, I let David read the manual and then have him teach me. Lol. That’s the only way that I learn, as I cannot comprehend manuals and technical language. I enjoy trying out new recipes, and if the product looks colorful, I’ll photograph it and post it on my blog. It’s very rewarding.


  5. Dedicated procrastinators rarely embarrass themselves into taking the action they are avoiding. An excuse I use often is that there are so many interesting things to do that I am always straying into more entertaining activities.

    There are several items that I need to buy on line because that is the only place I have found them. Two are on the Solutions site you introduced me to. Instead I am enjoying procrastinating at your blog.

    Ah well, the road to hell and all that!


  6. I’ve denigrated to baked potatoes and squashes. Steamed veggies too. Eat out twice a week too. Then did I say there were those frozen dinners. LOL Yes, mam, I take my poor camera everywhere. I’ve dropped it three times this year. I won’t tell you what the G said.


    • That’s a good excuse, thank you. I drop everything. Last night a glass of water all over the bathroom. Baked potatoes are great. I like steamed broccoli too. Fixing that with fish today for lunch. Love the fish and finally figured out how to cook it.


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