The Tinkle in the Breeze

suncatcher 6

suncatcher 6 (Photo credit: VickyTH)

A few years back, David bought a wind chime with heavy pipes. Years before Parson Halleck had told David he heard the old Christian Hymn, A Mighty Fortress is Our God playing on a similar wind chime at his house. David, ever the choir boy, wanted the same sound.

Most of the assorted wind chimes we own were manufactured by Woodstock. Each of them plays something different. Over the years, like many things in this life most have collapsed and fallen to the ground.

Yesterday, after I read DKZody had purchased a new wind chime, I decided to do what I had been planning for some time… replace the broken wind chimes which have lain on David’s workbench for years.

風鈴 Wind chimes, display in street in front of ...

風鈴 Wind chimes, display in street in front of shop, Nagano, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I bought four new wind chimes, all different with bits of glass or shell, or in one case leaves of beaten copper. Now David can lay on his chaise and listen to the wind chimes at leisure. Wonder what he will hear tinkling in the breeze?


Spring days, the walk around our neighborhood is extremely pleasant. Not only do we experience temperate weather and blooming fruit trees and shrubs, a slight breeze lifts the newly leafed branches and wind chimes sound from most of the houses. Bulbs in half-derelict pots, repurposed auto tires, or old plastic containers, peek through broken fences and line the curbs.

Given my once working-class and African-American neighborhood composed of aging houses and their inhabitants, boasts many porches with space for rocking as well as hanging, neighbors, elderly widowed or never married women with cats or dogs, have found multiple locations to hang bird feeders, as well as wind chimes and sun catchers. Newer neighbors in oversized houses boast immaculate lawns and much open space.

The sight of sunlight filtering through a bright glass is glorious, and I have placed glass garden ornaments, including witch balls lined with glow-in-the-dark phosphorus here and there to make my yard as tacky as the next. (One neighbor constructed a piece of yard art composed of an old shoe tree and empty bottles.)

Accompanied by the cheerful songs of courting birds and the clink of glass and metal chimes, the old neighborhood, a crow’s flight from the pomp and circumstance a mile away, almost seems like heaven. 

Note: New header shows the Lady Banksia climbing rose, just beginning its annal spring display.She’s doing well considering my gardener helpers whacked it back last fall.   


15 thoughts on “The Tinkle in the Breeze

  1. All those comments about the wind chimes, how funny! Had no idea people were so against something so beautiful. We have a cathedral here in town that sounds its bells on the hour each day. I love to be near it to hear the bells. Wonder how the neighbors react? Oh well, to each their own. And, yes, Woodstock is the brand of the newest wind chime. It’s the only one I have that has a pedigree. The other three are mutts, but they too sound beautiful.


    • I would love to live near a cathedral that sounded the hour with bells. Just like the Middle Ages. And you live near those lovely mission bells. I had to move one of my wind chimes this morning. It caught the morning light and the flashes scared the birds. Funny that, if I were trying to scare them, nothing would work.


  2. We hung a couple of wind chimes on our cherry tree in Illinois in fall. In the winter the windows were closed so we couldn’t really hear them. In spring we realized that the chimes must be driving the neighbors crazy because they were so loud. Ooops!


    • Even in the winter I can hear our wind chimes, especially during a serious storm. I always know just how much wind we have by how those chimes sound. We have birds, though, that are a lot nosier than those chimes.


  3. My husband does not like wind chimes. In fact, inside or in our yard, wind chimes and some other sounds he cannot control irritate him. I don’t mind their absence. I enjoy sounds of life–birds, breezes that rustle the foliage, squirrels, children playing, wheels on pavement.

    I also enjoyed the description of the stroll through your neighborhood. It is significant that your description of the older homes and gardens took several paragraphs. The newer open spaces and immaculate lawns garnered one sentence. Immaculate may be virtuous, but it can also be less interesting, sterile, cookie-cutter landscaping.


  4. Yes, that’s the sculpture. I wish I knew the name of the sculptor who made it. It’s a delightful piece.

    Yes, we had a mountain of those over a pergola in back, and pink ones over another pergola by the breakfast room. I have super fond memories of them.

    I like how you describe your neighborhood. This one used to be a working class neighborhood but now is filled with folks turning cottages into McMansions. I cannot imagine cleaning that much house.


    • The name is in the public record (Archives) and I once knew it. The Post did a spread a few years back on all the Depression/New Deal art around town. Richard Aubrey Davis at our local PBS station could tell you in a heart beat the name of every artisit who created something in DC.

      The neighborhood is supposed to be protected as it is an historic district, but money talks. The current county board (all Dems) is very pro-development. You saw some of the monsters when you were here.


  5. “Yard” art is like any other art, everyone has a different view. I have a pair of plastic pink flamingos that have followed me where ever I have gone for more than 20 years now. Like me they are a liittle faded but still standing.


    • I love individual expression. I gave my artist friend K some pink flamingos as a joke. She didn’t get the joke I fear. But then she thought I had no artistic sense. I know you do…one of the most creative individuals I have ever known.


  6. Sorry, but I prefer silence. Lol. The wind chimes we bought a long time ago drove me nuts. I finally got rid of it. Another thing that bothers me is dogs barking. Not to mention the woman next door yelling and screaming at her kid or husband. Give me peace and quiet any day. Please!


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