Garden Week in Virginia

spring flowers in old town

spring flowers in old town (Photo credit: JAMES ANTHONY CAMPBELL)

Once again its Garden Week in Virginia. Hundreds of homes and gardens will be open to tour this weekend.

Washington DC and its environs are absolutely the prettiest place on earth in the spring.

So said the august David Brinkley of NBC. He said he had been in many of the capitals of the world during his long career as a newscaster, and he had seen spring in most of them, but returning to Washington gave him pause. It was prettier than Paris he said.

I can neither confirm or deny his claim, because I have not been in every large city of the world during the spring months, but its hard for me to imagine anything more lovely than our National Parks  in Washington DC with their thousands of Japanese Cherry, native Dogwood,  and other flowering fruit trees hovering over millions of Azaleas and spring bulbs.

And, that’s to say nothing of the private residences with their numerous Azalea shrubs, flowering trees and bulbs.

One of the more popular tours in Virginia takes place in Old Town Alexandria and includes Mount Vernon. Years ago, I was part of this tour when I worked as a docent at Gunston Hall (home of Patriot George Mason) and Pohick Church (“country church” of George Washington and George Mason. On more formal occasions they attended Christ Church in Old Town Alexandria, “city” church of George Washington.(below right)


04220027 (Photo credit: MEB.)

A popular tour in the District of Columbia includes Georgetown (my old stomping grounds when I was a graduate student at the university).

Founded in 1789, Georgetown University is situated in what was a port during the Colonial Period and early decades of the Republic. (Today is the home of a crew team from GU)

To see housing from the Federalist period, visit Georgetown. To see housing from the Colonial period (before 1789), take the Old Town Alexandria tour.img005 

Above left: Eleanor Roosevelt Peony from my garden when I had sunshine in the back yard.) 


6 thoughts on “Garden Week in Virginia

  1. Too bad I won’t be in DC in the spring. On the other hand, all that pollen might make hubby sneeze too much, as he already has allergies in Hawaii. Hey, come by and check out my new art from Bali. These are gorgeous pieces and extremely large, too. Lol.


  2. My parents loved experiencing DC in the spring when they visited my brother after his transfer to the Pentagon. He loved all growing things, Spring in your area has to be gardeners’ paradise.


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