Become a plumber

That's not good!

That’s not good! (Photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG)

One migraine, one sinus headache, 5 hours of barking dogs and parrots, a huge hole in the ceiling of the laundry room, and an $800 bill, and all I can say is if you want good steady work, become a plumber.

Steve the plumber visited today. This wasn’t his first visit, and we expect more. Steve tells me that all the houses built after 1920 and before “modern” plumbing have copper pipes (our house does). Copper pipes spring leaks. Sometimes the leaks go undetected for years. You discover them when the water finds a way out…onto your floor. Or in our case, the water collects and ruins the stash of light bulbs, vacuüm cleaner bags, swiffer cloths, and box of rags I keep on a top shelf…then the collects on the floor…rusty-colored from the path it has traveled.

The mold builds, the mold grows, the mold takes over.  

The older the house, the better the chance you will experience water leaks. We have had several over the years. The pipe Steve removed today had a half-dozen leaks. Given the house is 100% copper pipes, we will probably have more leaks. 

Tomorrow, JD the carpenter will call and set up a date to repair the ceiling. After the pipes settle, and the mold dies, we will have the ceiling repaired, and the walls and ceilings painted.

Oh the joys of home ownership.


David and I can’t do the things we used to do. Time was he would have repaired the ceiling and I would have painted. That was then. Today, we hire someone to do almost everything one of us did in the past. We are not alone. The aging of the Baby Boom has produced a generation of golden oldies, stiff with arthritis.

At least I walked Johnny today. I haven’t had to hire a dog walker….yet.

My ceiling looks worse—->

Leak in my Apartment
Leak in my Apartment (Photo credit: DonnaGrayson)



11 thoughts on “Become a plumber

  1. OMG I am so very sorry. I’m dealing with mold leftovers still…and we have been out of the big house 15 years. I found mold in only one piece of furniture…the glass fronted bookcase. Naptha kills mold on wood. Yuck. We too have copper plumbing throughout. Just today, I can’t worry about it. Maybe tomorrow.


  2. Sympathies on your leak damage. We learned about old plumbing when our front yard inexplicably became saturated turned into a giant puddle. It was right before company was to arrive for Christmas. A wonderful plumber and his teenaged son answered our desperate plea. He and his son dug up our ancient and corroded pipe supplying our water and replaced it, all in time to turn water back on to meet the needs for Christmas cooking and a house full of overnight guests.

    Most things, though, Hubby is still attempting to do himself. It is time to follow your example.


  3. Cash in all the copper pipes when they come out ,copper sells for a lot at recycling places. Some of the houses built in South Florida back in the 50’s and 60’s did this wonderful thing where they laid out the pipes and then poured terrazzo floors over the top. When you developed a leak the only way you knew was your water bill went up and the meter kept running when nothing was on.The plumber had to take a jackhammer to the floor to get to the pipes. It was ugly…


    • I know copper is selling well. I understand the Chinese have the greatest supply of it.

      Yes, I remember those terrazzo floors and being 9 months pregnant. Not a fun experience. At least with wood floors they can pull out the rotton bits without a jackhammer.


  4. Our house was built in 1959 but has been completed renovated in 2009. I hope there are no more coppers around.

    As you can imagine, we hire every job out now also. I don’t miss it!


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