Grandma brag time

Daughter Connie reports that when youngest granddaughter Hosanna Joy comes home from Tech for the summer, she will be working at the sustainable, organic farm next door where she worked during her high school years.

This is good news as she had earlier indicated she might go to Arkansas for the summer and work with a traditional commercial chicken farm which she is loath to do. Joy’s goal is to be part of the worldwide movement toward sustainable, humane agriculture. She must work, however, to earn money for fall semester.  To be able to work in the way you want is a joy.

Joy told me at Christmas her goal is to eventually major in Poultry Science. I suggested she might like to help her father Bill with his chickens. Right now, Bill is fending off something that eats chickens. He thinks it’s a chicken hawk.


Connie says when her employers discovered she was looking for a day job, they gave Hannah a daytime shift, so she can spend more time with Hugo who also works days. In addition, they made her a supervisor and gave her a pay raise.


Amelia (#2 granddaughter), recently promoted to a supervisory position, says her employer (UVA bookstore) asked her to work more hours. “Why should I when you haven’t given me a pay raise,” she asked. So they gave her a raise.

Amelia is entering a science education graduate program at UVA in the fall and intends to keep her job. I told her working a job and going to school is manageable if you don’t have a long drive home after class ends at 10 PM. Fortunately, she lives near the campus.


As of now, #3 granddaughter, Rita, is still working with the local veterinarian and weekends at a tea shop in town, as well as taking courses at a local community college. She spoke with her guidance counselor recently, and worked out a plan where she will finish her program at the community college and return to George Mason University and complete her four-year degree, hopefully in forensic science. “I don’t want to be a cop on the street, she says, but I want a better paying job.  She wants to be a forensics specialist like the protagonist in the Patricia Cornwell novels or those folks in the CSI series.


I believe I have played some role in the choices my granddaughters are making regarding interest in various studies and jobs.  Picture 033Picture 036I think I set an example of how the work ethic and education are important if you want to do something constructive with your life. My love of science, gardening, birds, flora and fauna, as well as mysteries and history, shows up in their life choices. I suppose I am a pretty good grandma, even if I never baked them home-made cookies.      

5 thoughts on “Grandma brag time

  1. You are an absolutely fabulous grandma, Dianne! You have set a stellar example and your grandkids are benefiting from it. Not only are they smart, assertive and brilliant, but gorgeous as well!


  2. Your brag time is justified! I am so glad that such positive impact can happen sans cookie baking. No baking by this granny, either. I am especially delighted to learn HJ is working another summer with that farm you reported on in an earlier HJ update. And your grand girls’ work ethic is admirable indeed.

    Thanks for info on the chair side table. i am off now to google that company.


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