Think small…

David loves the new ‘rolling’ side table next to my chair. Because it is a table with shelves, I can store everything I need close at hand. My Kindle rests on top, beside the little basket with pens, post-its, lip balm, emery boards, etc, and my ‘her’ vitamins, CO-Q10, Australian Dream Cream and foot cream the podiatrist recommended for my dry feet.

The first shelf holds a few magazines (Diabetic Living, Diabetes Forecast) and catalogues, my worn Bible, a “crochet stitch bible”, an A To Z for London I use when reading British mysteries, and a large and very worn folded map of the UK, with highlighted roadways we drove on one trip or another. (I carried several maps from Dover to Edinburgh and back many times, but this ragged thing survives on sentiment). The shelf also holds a historical atlas which came in handy when Hannah brought her boy friend to visit and we looked up Monterrey in Mexico.

The second shelf holds currently used crochet books,

The third shelf holds Unfinished Empire by John Darwin, Why the Allies Won, by Richard Ovary, and The Oxford History of Egypt. I also have the first two books (assigned in one grad class or another) on my Kindle.

Sounds like a lot, but this compact little shelf table holds a lot and each shelf has edges on both sides, so I can’t push something on the floor.


Years ago, Tim O’Brien wrote The Things They Carried, a poignant tale of the contents of a Vietnam Era Soldier’s backpack. A collection of short stories, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 1990, the book takes its title from the first essay…about the contents of the backpack. As I recall dry socks were at the top of the list. Its amazing what you can fit into a small space when you must.img077

<– One of the neat museums in London  



8 thoughts on “Think small…

  1. Hey, that little table/shelf sounds perfect for a small space that must also accommodate essential other furniture plus various rehab stuff for me and for my mother-in-law who is recuperating at our house from some health setbacks. Is a photo or source available?


  2. You seem to be very well organized. A few days ago, I started to read my Kindle again, and am now engrossed in “Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking,” by Susan Cain. I am definitely not extroverted, but the verdict is still out as to whether I am an introvert or an ambivert.


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