On health care

Take off in line

Take off in line (Photo credit: mortimer?)

Balloons at the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival

Balloons at the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clever us, we got out early this morning before the pollen struck (it rises with the sun) and walked our dogs. The temps are to reach 86 today, but a cold air mass is moving in from Ohio and we should be cooler in a few days. My breathing improved greatly after I turned on the AC yesterday. And, we both slept better last night. So did the dogs.

After our morning walk, David drove to our local hospital for an echocardiogram his heart specialist scheduled earlier this week. Neither of us knows why this test was necessary. After reading about all the unnecessary tests conducted on seniors (which exacerbates the Medicare bill, but pays for expensive equipment) we resist many of these apparently unnecessary tests.

The good news….the technician conducting the test didn’t use a chemical to induce stress.  I have read that heart stress tests can cause a heart attack, and I will never have this test again.


Connie and I had a long talk earlier this week about becoming your own health advocate. Connie and one of her girls had bad medical experiences in the past month or so, and fortunately, Connie had the good sense to be well-informed deal with the results.

To be fair, medical staff are overworked and terrified of law suits so they sometimes make nebulous judgement calls and/or request unnecessary tests. With growing influx of Baby Boomers onto the Medicare rolls, and the dearth of physicians accepting Medicare, the chances of medical mistakes are increasing daily. You must be informed and become your own health care advocate. And for goodness sake, stop smoking, drink less, and eat right.  And, don’t wait until you are 65 to begin.


Paula Spahn writes the New Old Age Blog


an online blog worth reading. 

I take it on my Kindle for a pittance ($1.99 per month) and highly recommend it. Paula is a senior, and experiencing the issues of aging first hand. Furthermore, she has been a caregiver and shares her experiences and via guest writers shares their experiences.                                                                


8 thoughts on “On health care

  1. Despite the fact that we trust our nurse practitioner, we’ve tried to voice our own opinions and looked on line for advice. I agree that we have to be advocates for ourselves and our loved ones.


  2. Being an advocate for one’s medical needs is crucial. Never believe what the doctor tells you at first. Check it out, get another opinion. I’m fortunate to have an excellent internist who knows my reluctance to take any meds. Terry nor I take anything on a regular basis. He takes nothing at all, I take Imitrex when I feel a migraine coming on, and those are prompted by the change in barometric pressure.

    Terry will be taking part in a research survey in a couple of weeks because he does not have any signs of diabetes. It is epidemic in our neck of the woods due to people’s bad eating habits. We eat pretty much a plant-based diet, and I think that makes a huge difference in one’s health.


  3. I turn the a/c on when the temperature hits 81 or 83 degrees. It’s not so much the heat as it is the humidity that gets to me. I used to drink wine every evening, but these days, I have been restricting my alcoholic intake to 1 glass of champagne at restaurants. I just don’t care to drink more than that.


  4. I blew the 65 requirement, but at least I’m eating healthy now. Didn’t smoke and exercised regularly, but couldn’t conquer the diet thing until recently.


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