Stay away from these wimmen

Migraine headache painting

Migraine headache painting (Photo credit: jelene)

Our Gang (Unknown Photo - 1930's)

Our Gang (Unknown Photo – 1930’s) (Photo credit: kndynt2099)

Son John writes that the kindergarten teacher at the school where he teaches is in court. Seems she and her confederate the first-grade teacher have been arrested for murder. The K teacher hired a hitman to kill her husband. She got the name and address of the hitman from the First grade teacher.

Why didn’t she divorce him? I asked John.

She wanted the house he says.


I am reading Maya Angelou’s new book Mom and Me and Mom. Years Ago, I read, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I decided to read her books again after I heard her interview this past week. The moderator asked her about the gun she keeps to blow intruders away. Don’t pop in on Maya without an invitation is all I can say.


David decided to forgo the funeral of his old drinking buddy Ben, which was fine with me. He would have come home in a terrible state after seeing Ben’s widow and his own EX.  The two women lived with Ben and David at the height of their drinking years. Not a pleasant experience for either of the women I am sure. But old hate dies hard, and although David celebrated 35 sober years this February, Ben developed dementia and has died young at 85. Meanwhile, the old wives cannot forgive or forget and at least one of them is demented.


The Washington Post included an article today on books with titles that begin with The End….as in The End of Men by Rosin. The writer says we need to put an end to books like this….I agree.


12 thoughts on “Stay away from these wimmen

  1. It’s hard to imagine that kind of greed and malice.

    When I was at high school, our Home Economics teacher was murdered by her husband. He battered her to death. Another teacher slit his own throat.

    It made me realise that teachers are human, too.


  2. That just boggles my mind. What made those 2 women think they could get away with it? Crime never pays. Too bad David did not attend the funeral. It would have been interesting to hear his report on the eulogy and how Ben’s widow behaved. Lol.


  3. a. She’ll get the house alright. The BIG house.

    b. Maya Angelou is my new hero.

    c. David made a wise decision.

    d. The end of my comment.


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