What brings me joy.

What brings me joy is my grandchildren. Below, the latest missive from Hannah via her Iphone:

Hi Grandma, 

Yes I have read some herbs can be dangerous. I was given a rue bush that I have kept indoors all winter and is doing well. From what I have read, although beautiful and used by some medicinally, she is not the safest plant to either eat or get on the skin.  

And thank you for the information on the yarn! I can’t wait to order and crochet some more. 

And thank you for the information on the plants. I pruned my rose bush and moved her outside she already is looking better and has new growths all over, I’m sure with a little fertilzer and maybe a bigger pot she will flourish. I just finished planting some more herbs today in my little window box, the others I planted last month just started sprouting.

Love you! 



Hannah wearing the yellow sweater Great Aunt Marge knitted for her.

Hannah wearing the yellow sweater Great Aunt Marge knitted for her.

Hannah, age 24, is my oldest grandchild and a wonderful girl. The photo left shows her at age 2 or 3 wearing the sweater Great Aunt Marge knitted for her. I tried to learn knitting but did not succeed. Although I mastered the knitting stage, I could not purl as well.

 Aunt Marge (my life role model) told me she wished she lived closer, so she could teach me how to knit. Maybe someday, I will get Hannah to teach me, or her youngest sister Joy if she ever gets the time.  Meanwhile, I continued to crochet for a long time after I failed knitting 101. I stopped crocheting a few years ago when I had the stroke (my brain didn’t work to well for a while). I have tried to relearn it again this past year.

                     Inch by Inch, it’s a Cinch. Yard by yard is hard.

I read that we humans love to “complete” things. Sometimes I have worried that I was the kind of person Gertrude Stein referred to when she wrote, “Writers hate to write, but love to have written.” I worry I hate to cook and love to have cooked. I try not to think of other projects in the same way.

I haven’t read other than the newspapers the past few days. I have been mastering (there’s that word again) my crochet stitches. I think I finally cracked my latest project this morning between 6-7 AM.

To reach your goal, you need patience, persistence and a burning desire.

14 thoughts on “What brings me joy.

  1. I am pleased that you have have mastered the crochet stitches. I find that YouTube has some wonderful short crochet and knitting tutorials. Being able to stall them and replay make it so easy.


  2. What a precious little girl she was and a thoughtful young woman she has become. I can easily see why you are proud of her. I just finished my borrowed Kindle books. Phew! I hope nothing else pops up for a while.


  3. Grandchildren are lights in elder’s firmament, and Hannah is a jewel. Plus she seems to share her grandmother’s interests in gardening and crocheting.


  4. I’m sure Hannah isn’t thrilled you posted her pic with her “bowl” haircut as my daughter always called that style, but she’s adorable. You are a very lucky woman! Is the Aunt Marge you referred to earlier MY aunt Marge?? I used to be afraid of her; she always seemed so stern!!!


    • She will forgive me as I sent her a box of yarn.

      As for Aunt Marge, but of course they are the same aunt. Marge was a little scary for you younger kids I suppose, but for me she was an inspiration. She and my husband David were great pals.


  5. You don’t give up easily, do you? Happy crocheting!I gave up any kind of needlework a long time ago, blaming bad eyesight. I can’t remember now if that really was the case then.

    You cannot warn your granddaughter enough about the rue, it is even risky just to touch it a lot.


  6. Bravo to you. I hope to crack a project or two once I get the house back together.

    Slipcovers: Sofa came with it. It has shrunk. to buy a new one is 500. The one on today’s chair is from IKEA for another chair. I altered it. 15 in the discard bin. Ditto the footstool cover. The Morris chair has a custom made one and I don’t remember the price. White get’s dirty easily, but with a limited income, white also ties my very disparate furniture styles together. 🙂


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