To do

Handpainted Cotton Yarn

Handpainted Cotton Yarn (Photo credit: sumptinelse)

I’ve been off-line for a few days.

Not to be outdone by my granddaughter Hannah, I have been struggling with a crochet project involving a shawl and several skeins of yarn.  So far, I have ripped it apart numerous times, and then tossed away the tangled bit from the last time I tried to rip it out.  This was my second attempt at this project. Today, I will try it again. I think my problem is that I am better at dealing with computers and math problems than creative domestic things.

I don’t have a photo of my own project. All I can show would be the pile of yarn I destroyed, or the remaining skeins. So, I swiped one from Wiki. Poor me.

                                                                    —000— Check out this link sent to me by Wolfgirl, my friend who works with wolves and lives near Yosemite.


With weather to die for, I have managed to walk the dogs the past few days. and did a bit of reading, but yesterday, after fiddling with the yarn for hours I couldn’t see anything up close. I think I need glasses to correct my growing issues with sightedness.

I wear trifocals, the bottom segment being clear glass.  But I suppose the demise of near sightedness had to catch up sooner rather than later. I have never been farsighted.  The doctor told me that our eyeballs, fluid at birth, become marbled as we grow older. Thus they do not adjust as well to our attempts to “see” things near and far.

I am off now to read a few posts from blog friends. Have a good day. Dianne

PS sent a box of yarn to Hannah.



8 thoughts on “To do

  1. Laughing at me or with me. Good morning Dianne. LOL Yup, I’m hoping to buy four bowls to replace the four I have that are cracked. They were made during WWII, and folks who have them keep them. I was really excited to see these. You would be proud of me too. I got rid of two shelves of cookbooks I will not and am not using.

    How’s the weight doing. I’m down a little over 15 pounds now. I look really fat in today’s picture, but standing I look better.


  2. My sympathies with the sight issues. I’m there, too. Kindle is helping some. But computer sessions reach the frustrating stage well before I am ready to quit. Thankfully, I have an appointment to have eyes checked out next week. Hoping you and I both can report positive change soon!

    I admire your determination to even try a crochet project. No crafty skills here, but I reap the benefits of all my in-laws crafty wizardry.


  3. I can SO relate to tearing and re-tearing (is that even a word?) projects out. Started a shawl about 2 winters ago, ripped it out several times. The yarn is a soft gorgeous purple with some sparkle in it. Then decided to make a scarf. Started that and ripped it out a couple of times too. Now it all sits in my bag hanging on my bedroom doorknob taunting me. Sigh. Maybe I should just send you or one of your granddaughters the yarn! I have been much more focused on reading and running lately I guess…….


    • Oh Lois, and here’s me thinking about the baeautiful Afghan you made two years ago. I have tried to do that one too, and failed. I am stubborn, however, and will keep trying.

      When you retire you will have time to work on more things, but your eyesight may not cooperate.


      • I’m already there with the eyesight. I wear Bifocal Contacts!! LOL. Trying to thread a needle is sure challenging as we get older! Oh well, guess it keeps us trying anyway!


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