Cousins by the dozens

Against my better plans (the kind mice and women make), I have spent the bulk of today fiddling with a new program from AOL that ‘cleans’ my computer. The acid test of its success will come in the future days as I notice or don’t notice a speedier experience.

I don’t normally write two posts in the same day, however, I wanted to test the new cleaner better computer and discover whether or not I can work faster. I am a fairly rapid typist, having earned that skill the hard way by spending hours using a keyboard. So far so good. Now the test of uploading a photo. Okay, now you can see my cousin Lois, social worker with juveniles and lady deer hunter. She lives in Wisconsin and is armed as you can see. 565539_4422604477415_1830714993_n  

But Lois doesn’t only pack a weapon578342_2339201256543_847645522_n, she can crochet too.Paul with his dog

Right is cousin Paul, Lois’ brother and a retired Arizona cop. He also lives in WI. Paul and Lois are Aunt Rita’s youngest children and about the same ages as my two oldest children. Yes, Aunt Rita, a devout Catholic had many children who cling to their guns and Bibles (joke).  

Next to Paul is cousin Anke from the other side of my family, and from Den Hague in the Netherlands, posing with her King Charles Spaniels. Aren’t they grand dogs?

I have cousins by the dozens and was thinking just last night how many of them I still have contact with.

As you see, I succeeded in uploading photos again. Time to get the camera and find Cherry Blossoms. 

Gee this AOL cleanup must work.  If at first you don’t succeed, just keep on sucking til you do.

12 thoughts on “Cousins by the dozens

  1. Your family sounds like mine with cousins at every hands turn. Congratulations on sorting your computer. I have a feeling that since the major hacking a couple of weeks ago across the globe that all systems see to be on a go slow.


  2. You are blessed to have cousins by the dozens and maintain contact. Few of my “dozens” are still living, but I cherish the fact that I do have a few folks who share good memories of our younger days and our parents. Loved the pix, too. Congrats on mastery!


  3. Good pictures. Glad you are turning into a tech guru now.

    Love the picture with the gun. I hope Obama tries to take it away form her personally. I’d pay to see that.


  4. Awww, love the Cousins by the Dozens and am honored to have “made the cut.” Just to clarify though…..I DON’T kill deer, just shoot clay pigeons aka Trap Shooting! Thanks Cuz! 🙂


    • Thanks Lois. As one of the baby cousins, you are special.

      I wouldn’t care if you shot a deer or two or three. This past winter, my daughter Connie encountered three of them on her drive home from work, and almst hit two of them. The third one actually ran into her vehicle and dented it. Too many deer and not enough deer hunters. My Ex was a deer hunter as was sister Michelle’s EX.


      • I’m not opposed to killing deer, I just don’t think I myself would/or could ever do it. I’ll stick to clay pigeons at this point!
        Just figured out how to get my picture to show up on here! LOL


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