Mark Warner accepts the Democratic nomination ...

Mark Warner accepts the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate at the Virginia State Democratic Convention on June 14, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Depending on your point of view, I am a jackass or not. I just sent $$ to my favorite senator, Mark Warner (D-VA), who is running for re-election again, and I signed up to contribute every month until the election in November.

David and I have supported Mark throughout his career.  He was a business man in Alexandria VA before he ran for governor. The far left of the Democrat party in our state tried to block him, but he prevailed, largely by appealing to the Southside of VA where coal is important, as well as Independents and moderate Republicans.

Mark also appealed to the Norfolk-Newport News Navy people. He became governor, then Senator, and is one of the most sensible senators in the Congress (along with Tom Coburn, another member 0f the senate gang of six).

Mark is a fiscal conservative and social liberal…my kind of guy. Recently, he said the following during a meeting of the Senate budget committee Washington Post 3/15/13):

“To the consternation [of people] on my side…Democrats will have to do more to prevent Social Security and Medicare from bankrupting the nation as the population ages.”  

“I share the belief of even my most progressive colleagues that Medicare and Social Security are among the greatest programs ever implemented. But I also believe that the basic math around them doesn’t work anymore.” 

No truer words were ever spoken.

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  1. A politician who uses reason and common sense? Have I died and gone to heaven? He will also get my support (but at the polls, not the bank).


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