March Madness??

English: Phyllis Diller portrait

English: Phyllis Diller portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, although David follows the UNC team, I am not talking about basketball. I am speaking of the return of the baby bunnies or March hares. The Easter rabbit is alive and well in our neighborhood.

And the hawks know it too. Yesterday, when David and I were sitting on our bench in the warm sun, I looked up to see five, count ’em, five hawks flying overhead.  They were staying out of shotgun range, not that anyone in my neighborhood of aging women owns a shotgun, and heaven forfend, we don’t kill baby bunnies either.  Thus they are taking over the neighborhood.

I’ve kept two strawberry pots for years, but last year I didn’t get a single one. Then I noticed many of my plants had developed scalloped edges around their leaves.  The sedum, which contain moisture proved the favorite choice of the offending creatures.

I almost felt sad when Johnny, my fierce Pomeranian caught a baby bunny. But the sadness did not last. Too many rabbits for me.


Yesterday, I finally cleaned my spam folder and found the message the hospital sent with information concerning our senior exercise class. I used the excuse of “they didn’t communicate” to miss class last week. This week I told David, “Now you act enthusiastic, so I won’t feel like I’m dragging you someplace you don’t want to go.”

I hate exercise. I’ve always hated it, although I have always done something called exercise. For years, I did 30 situps and 30 leg lifts every morning. I was in tolerable shape until my back doctor told me not to bend like that anymore. The new back doctor says, the old guy was wrong. But too late, perhaps. My abs are baggy these days. And the more weight I lose the saggier they get. Pooh!!

When I get up in the morning and look in the mirror, I frighten myself. Where is Phyllis Diller, when I need her. She made my Mom laugh about the aging process. It ain’t pretty for many of us. 




13 thoughts on “March Madness??

  1. Because of the West Nile disease, we lost a lot of the large birds. No crows in our Illinois area. When we were there last October, we noticed that the neighborhood was teeming with bunnies and chipmunks. Unbelievable! We need more hawks around to balance nature there.


  2. First saw Phyllis Diller at a Chicago venue at the beginning of her career when she was an unknown, at least to us teenagers in town for a national journalism conference. She was so funny and I followed her career with interest.

    Ginny does know best. My sympathies to Mage. I am back to walking fairly regularly, but the generous middle seems here to stay.


  3. I’ve finally given up trying to be anything except what I am . The sags and wrinkles are here to stay and I’m not going to let them get me down … not worth the effort.


  4. No sign of bunny rabbits here, we are still snowed in. Another day and I will have cabin fever. We lost power twice for short spells, but others have been off the grid since Friday. I have food, heat and internet connection so I will not complain.


  5. I share one of my favorite sites with you to go with your lunch:

    The History Chef. The first entry down from thhe Easter Egg Roll talks of Chester Arthur. I found his gluttony fascinating. 🙂

    I haven’t seen any baby anythings here yet, but we live with canyons on either side. Some baby somethings should be scattered about. Probably skunks.

    Yes, I have always hated exercise too. I too was in passable shape until one doc said no more knee lifts. Now I have an apallingly large middle. G and I just go to the Y near us. I do my leg lifts in the water, and G does them on land. Poor guy.


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