Off the street and out of trouble.


Stitches selection
Stitches selection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yesterday, I received a message from the Yarn Market informing me the remainder of the yarn I ordered over one year ago is on the way. Gosh, I forgot why I ordered it.  Probably to make another Afghan.  I am awfully ambitious and a little nuts I fear. Like my friend Sherry, I live in a home filled with half-finished projects. I must stop criticising David for his half-finished jobs.  Seems I am as bad as he.


The weather channel is calling for snow tonight.  We will watch our Channel 9 meteorologist Topper to discern the truth. Some critter has been digging in the pots and hanging baskets I left resting on the ground until spring, so I emptied one of the baskets and I asked David to help me lift another with a living basket with a living plant into position, on its hook hanging off the back porch. 

David reminded me about the forecast of snow, but snow is not a problem, plants can take 32 degrees or whatever it is in Celsius. The cold that comes with the snow is the issue. Given most of the flowering shrubs and trees in the neighborhood have swelling buds, we pray the cold will not damage the cherry-apple-etc. blossoms.

I really can’t complain, we’ve had a relatively mild winter, but I want it to end.  In a few months, I will be complaining about the heat and wishing it cold. “You’ll wish your life away,” I can hear Mom saying. 


When I was working on my MA in history, I didn’t take the course on American presidents with Richard Norton Smith (who teaches in the history department at GMU), but I got his syllabus, I have used this as the basis for working my way through several books on US presidents my leisure. You might recognize Smith’s name, he appears occasionally on the evening News Hour on PBS.

I took the little test Tom Sightings (Sightings at Sixty)  posted on his blog a while back concerning longevity.  According to the test, which I recall resides on the Social Security site, I should live to my mid-90s. I figure I have enough yarn and books to keep me busy until then if my right hand hold up.

crocheting granny squares

crocheting granny squares (Photo credit: merwing✿little dear)




9 thoughts on “Off the street and out of trouble.

  1. This is the above mentioned Sherry and I have a new rule for myself..Can’t buy any new fabric until I’ve used and or given away what is already here. This means sewing everyday. We’ll see how this works.Back in the seventies when crochet was all the rage I had a yarn stash to match my fabric one plus string for the macrame…..


    • I gave granddaughter Hannah (the family aritst) my fabric samples, and much of my old sewing kit, plus sewing machine. She made slip covers for my favorite chair in return. As for yarn, I remember those macreme projects.


  2. Glad I make you laugh. It’s June gloom around here…a little early. I’m praying for sun.

    I do like those colors in the afgan squares. Now those are fun. 🙂


  3. I know what you mean. I hate it when my yarn order doesn’t come in on time. Oh wait, I’ve never ordered yarn in my life. Never mind.


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