Exciting times around here….

The new accent chair arrived, and the only problem is that it makes the rest of the living room look old and worn. I think we must paint the walls and ceiling again, the second time in 30 years. And do something about our floors, ruined by dozens of dogs, cats and grandchildren.

After our dog walk today, David went upstairs “to die” as he put it. Yesterday, he strained himself pulling the chair from its flimsy protective wrapping.  You know you are getting older when cutting up a cardboard box pulls a muscle or two or three. Now he’s laying on his bed with the two dogs. Three old dogs he says.

I am amusing myself by reading other people’s blogs. I read my Lincoln book and the paper most of the morning, but decided I needed a change. I will start this post now and finish it later.

The other thing we did yesterday was pour six bottles of distilled vinegar on the brick walk out back. A vinegar smell assaults you as you step out the back door. We use the vinegar to make the walkway hostile to grass. Combined with the 70 degree temperatures, the grass begins to wither.  

Can someone explain why grass grows where you don’t want it?  Meanwhile, the front yard looks like a battlefield. David keeps throwing grass seed out, but the birds say thank you and cart it off as fast as he spreads it.


General Stillwell's House Chong Qing

General Stillwell’s House Chong Qing (Photo credit: Pondspider)

David is up now and going to the store for 6 more bottles of vinegar. Who was Vinegar Joe? he asks.

I don’t know.

General Joe Stillwell who led Allied troops in SE Asia in WWII.

Like I remember.    


10 thoughts on “Exciting times around here….

  1. When you get the answer to the grass question, please let us know! I like your vinegar solution for the walk … I think. But how long does it keep the weeds away, and more importantly, how long does that smell hang around?


    • The smell goes away. Actually, it smells like a salad dressed with oil and vinegar. An organic solution, vinegar is much better than some of the chemicals you can buy to burn the grass off. You need hot weather to fully accomplish the trick. All we are doing now is retarding the grass seed production by soaking the roots. We will reapply the vinegar in August when its blistering hot and kill what remains.


  2. Salt water will do the same as the vinegar water.. I used to paint the walls alot when I was younger I thought it beat washing them. My walls now are old tobacco barn lumber and they don’t show dirt and I don’t own them. A friend re-did her floors with bamboo it looked great.


  3. I rarely buy new things for the house because suddenly everything else looks shabby and in need of a facelift…It is not just us older folks who hurt themselves on home improvement projects. Years ago, young and in my 30s, I spent one day painting a room and weeks enduring back pain.


  4. I can relate to wanting to re-do the house. One of the reasons why we are changing our flooring is that my David is still working and drawing income and can pay for these things. Once he retires, we won’t be able to travel, remodel the house, and dine at fancy restaurants. That’s reality. Time to enjoy the money while we still can. As for vinegar on the walkway? Yuck! You should find something better smelling. Lol.


  5. Muscles are not the only parts of us which don’t take kindly to being overstretched in later years. (see how carefully I am phrasing this?) Brain cells that supply memory ditto.

    It’s a good thing that our dogs never stop loving us.


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