More things that puzzle me


Wassily Chair
Wassily Chair (Photo credit: Jeff Belmonte)

Mage (Postcards) has a truck named Grumpy and I am Mrs. Grumpy. I woke up at 12:40 AM with hemorrhoid pain, at 2:45 with sciatic pain, at 4:20 with pains in my hands and elbows and at 5:40 with knee pain. Thank goodness for Celebrex, Thermacare, Prep H and Australian Dream Cream.

The cold came back with a vengeance, and six snowflakes fell last night.

I’ve read weather has nothing to do with how we feel, i.e. how much our arthritic joints ache, but I don’t believe it.

David has an old-fashioned barometer hanging on the wall in our living room, but darned if I can tell whether high or low pressure systems have any affect on joints. Still, I blame the weather for my aches and pains. 

Another thing that puzzles me…Day Light Savings Time.  I never know if I’m later or earlier no matter how many times David explains it. 


Daughter Connie called me this morning to tell me, that once again she is snowed in. Living out in the countryside near the mountains, as they do,  when we get six flakes, they get a blizzard. At least this time, they have electricity. When this happens, I am grateful I am a city mouse, with all its problems. You won’t catch me living beyond the end of the Metro line.

I lived in the country for six months once, and it was okay because it was  May to November and I had a car I could take to town. The horrible gas shortages of the early 70s made my car obsolete, so I moved to an urban place as soon as I could. EX #1 moved further into the mountains, whence his ancestors came.  I was a liberated 70s girl ala Mary Tyler Moore, he Grizzly Adams.

A former co-worker tells me Joe, a PhD economist boss we had several decades ago, known for his manicured nails, pin-stripe suits and neat ways has moved to West Virginia, grown a beard and renounced civilization.

Sounds like the EX, a former US Marine who hated Arlington because it was too Blue. How Blue? Jeanine Garofalo is playing at the Cinema and Draft House up the street.


I didn’t think I would be writing a post this afternoon, but the instructor teaching the Seniorcise class David and I were supposed to take, failed to send an email confirmation with the location. David isn’t very heartbroken.  He ate his beef stew lunch and now he and the dogs are taking a nap. Dogs know what’s best.


The folks delivering my new accent chair sent an email telling me they will deliver sometime between noon today and the 21st. Just as well we are home.

English: Statue of Mary Tyler Moore at the cor...
Statue of Mary Tyler Moore at the corner of 7th and Nicollet in Minneapolis, the site of the famous “hat toss” from the opening credits of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. 7th St. S and Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After I finished my degree last May, I began clearing the two tables next to my reading chair. I put the books away, or gave them away, and David collapsed the tables. We decided to place a chair where none had been for several years. I told Connie this morning, the next time you visit, we will have another chair, so you won’t have to sit jammed up on the sofa with the girls and the extra person on the stairs.

Our house is small, but all two people, two dogs, plus seven parrots require. Small dogs, small cages, small furniture. All of our needs are met.  





8 thoughts on “More things that puzzle me

  1. The people who say weather doesn’t affect aches and pains must be the same ones who say teething doesn’t cause problems for babies.


  2. Hey, not only were you watching Al, you were here checking out my aches and pains. Yes, weather does play a part. Don’t listen to the Piker. You are loved but not in that beautiful chair. 🙂


  3. Judging from that first paragraph, you must have had a spy cam in my bedroom. It’s a contest with which part of the body wants to make the most fuss on any given day.


  4. I know what pain is like, having dealt with an umbilical hernia that was mis-diagnosed for years. After surgery last May, I feel fine. My various other maladies are responding to treatment. My life is far from perfect, but it’s the only one I’ve got. Count your blessings and you will be so very grateful.


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