Cold and grey here today, but yesterday was sunny and windy…a good day to walk Johnny.  He was ready to romp having spent prior day at the vet’s for his biennial teeth work.  He lost one tiny tooth in the lower jaw. Pretty good as that was his first tooth since babyhood. He is now four years old.

Keep those teeth clean

Keep those teeth clean (Photo credit: KajS)

Dr. K removed two growths from Clare’s mouth. I approved the biopsy charge, so now we wait to discover they are benign. Doc K says the tumors look benign, but you can’t confirm by looking. Rather than worry, I decided to have her go ahead and send the growths to the lab.  Clare is almost 8, her birthday is April 1. Max, our older dog began to have issues with the odd growth about this age, and he lived to 18, so we don’t anticipate any dramatic problem.

Clare’s mom Lakeside Dancer, and dad Corporal, are still alive, and of course older. Dancer is also Johnny’s grandmother, Johnny’s mom is Clare’s sister. Got that?

David and I met all the dogs when we got Clare and Johnny. Although they are purebred, I have never registered them with the American Kennel Club, but Doc K says they look like ‘show dogs.’ She should know, as she works as a judge at dog shows.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t breed dogs, although my cousin Anke who lives in The Hague in the Netherlands does. She raises the King Charles Spaniels and travels all over Europe, particularly England and Germany, and sometimes America attending dog shows with her progeny. It might seem a fanciful occupation, but dog rasing is a serious business, and she loves it.

One of the gals I worked with said the fuss over dogs, cats and parrots is frivolous when there were so many people out of work, or making nothing paywise.  I asked her if she understood the multiplier effect. The money spent on pets becomes income for other people.

For example, the fellow who grooms my dogs has been at it for 30 years.  He is a high school graduate, with not much additional education, except dog grooming school years ago. The gal who raised Baby, my Senegal Parrot, married a police officer and is the mother of a special needs child which requires her presence at home. She earns her pin-money as she can with home projects. And so on, and so forth.

The money I spend on my animals goes to each of the people who services my dogs and parrots. And they in turn pay taxes.



12 thoughts on “Circulation

  1. Our newest pup is part Cavalier King Charles. What loving personalities!

    Good job on the multiplier response. It just reminded me that one of the primary doctrines of liberalism is the need to feel guilty about something, i.e. having money, being white, creating CO2 (even though there was far more of it around before humans came on the scene) or basically just being happy while others aren’t.


  2. In addition to the multiplier effect, I wonder if any sudy has been done on reduced health care costs that may result from the reduced stress and increased exercise and social interaction in the lives of pet owners.


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