My greatest challenge these days is trying to recover some of my lost homemaking skills. I’ve paid a price for spending most of my working life in outside jobs. The most rewarding work I have ever done, involved the homemaking skills of sewing, cooking and “putting up” the produce I grew in my garden.  Oh yes, kids were fun too, up to a point.  

I knew early on these skills were beyond me.  Miss Blount who taught Home Economics told me so. She didn’t like my “candied citron” or my apron I made in class…both her ideas.  The other girls made beautiful food and garments. Not me. I was better in math class or on the softball field.  

These days, gardening is my chief joy, albeit a mostly warm weather occupation.  To become a good gardener, I have suffered many setbacks and disappointments, along with the occasional win. Gardeners live very close to nature, and experience all its good and evil.

Questions I have for God include, “Why did you make stink bugs, mice, rats and other critters which cause us so much consternation?”  On the other hand, Good job when it comes to blue birds, roses and dogs.  Well, some dogs.

My latest challenge has been reestablishing my crochet skills. Oh I hadn’t forgotten them, but I do have problems. I have been making a throw for David for over one year, and put it aside the last six months because I found a mistake.

Yesterday, I tossed out my latest failure begun in the interim since last fall, and pulled the previously partially completed Afghan project out of my yarn bag. I was inspired because the pale yellow yarn I ordered last fall for a third project finally arrived.

I looked at my partially completed first project and decided I could not find the mistake that drove me to tears last fall, so I resumed the work yesterday. David is quite pleased, because he has been praising my handiwork and looking forward to using the Afghan before he dies.  I tease him I should have it finished about the time I am pushing him in a wheel chair (which I hope is never).

Yarn for Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower

Yarn for Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower (Photo credit: Siona Karen)

I resumed crocheting after I retired for a couple of reasons.

Number 1 –  it keeps my arthritic right hand somewhat flexible. I have lost some use of this hand, owing to many factors, but don’t want to lose completely.

 Number 2 – I feel close to my Mom when I crochet.  I have some of her handiwork, and I have come to appreciate just how talented a  needle worker she was from my own failures.

Number 3 – my cousin Lois inspired me with her Afghan project not pictured below sadly. Oh yes, I am having trouble with you-know-what again.



8 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Gee, I didn’t know you were allowed to give God a review. I have a few bones to pick myself . . . . Meanwhile, you need to get yourself a pillow like the one B has, which says: “The housework is one. I swept the room with a glance.”


  2. I’m certainly losing any cooking skills I might have had since mom does most of the cooking now. I used to crochet decades ago and enjoyed it. I don’t think I remember how I did it anymore though. I’ve been enjoying a little bit of gardening lately, but there’s too much I don’t know about the problems plants experience in Hawaii. There’s some black fungus thing, white bugs, aphids, ants, etc. Arghhhh!


  3. I love to try out new recipes on my hubby at least once a week, and he really likes to eat what I prepare. I wish I could find a new project that would interest me, but can’t think of anything. Housework? I let it slip.


  4. The colors will be fun to work with. I like all your reasons. 🙂

    Me? I’m the worst housekeeper you know. I dislike cooking, I don’t dust or vaccume as I am allergic to the mite poo, and quilting used to be my one house friendly accomplishment beyond my piles of books. LOL Today I’m trying to mend the bench seat on the truck. Ah well.


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