Children, cars, and other loves

The tidewater Potomac near Arlington County, V...

The tidewater Potomac near Arlington County, Virginia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, David and I were talking about the children, my three and his three. I mentioned that my children had managed to drive or scare away several potential partners before he came into my life. ‘Some how, you had what it took to connect with them and form a relationship.’

Today, I can honestly say my kids love David and he loves them.  Connie, who no longer has a relationship with her birth father, calls him her “sober Dad.” Unfortunately, David’s two sons, who only remember his drunk driving, are estranged from their dad, and missing a relationship with a long sober Dad. David’s daughter comes around on important occasions. For example, she had lunch with him this week at the Hospital where he receives physical therapy several times per week.

I told David about the time my daughter pitched a fit and scared my “at-the-time” male companion so badly he went flying back to his wife and kids. You had the courage to stand up to my kids, I told him. He laughed and said “She did that to me, too.”

 Why didn’t you tell me at the time? I quizzed him. David said he couldn’t see the point. 

David then told me she had a frightful outburst and screamed at him, then got in his car and drove away.  How did she get your keys, I asked him. 

“I gave them to her,” he replied.

That car was the little MG he was driving when I met him. Later on, when she left for VA Tech, he gave it to Connie. After she left school and got a job, she traded it for a Ford. 

Or a bicycle, I forgot which.


And then there was the time the police knocked on our front door at 5 AM.  David answered it.

“Do you own a brown Dodge Dart?  Well, its parked on the Cabin John Bridge,” the police told him. (Cabin John is the old name for a bridge that spans the Potomac from MD to VA and a far piece from our house.)

David retrieved the car with police help. Son John was fast asleep in his bed. Or someone’s bed. I had no idea where he was. Later, he told me he and his friend “ran out of gas” and left the car where it stalled out. Somehow, he and his friend made their way back to her house south of Arlington.


There were more ‘adventures’ in the early days of our relationship, but suffice it to say, Connie and John both grew up to become responsible adults who teach school and work with Special Needs kids today. Connie has four girls, two of whom have been wrecking trucks the past few years.  

I asked David, ‘Why did you tolerate all these things?’ Because I loved their Mother, he replied.   



13 thoughts on “Children, cars, and other loves

  1. The interesting thing nowadays is that I watch my sons going through the same things as their growing adult children get into scrapes. Such is life. Every Blessing. Freda from Dalamory


  2. I am glad your David is sober and can appreciate and be appreciated by your children. I just wish he would try to bridge the breach between him and his own kids. Best wishes!


  3. Gosh…he’s the kinder gentler ball of feathers. What a dear. Tell the Piker I said taxis were ok to go to meetings in. Al has it right.

    Yes, Dale did die to young. I’m alive today partially because of his great efforts. I was his ear and loved him because he was himself.


  4. What a neat post, Dianne. Having learned so much about David, we now INSIST on meeting you both when we’re in DC in April! We’ll buy lunch.


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