Royal Botanic Gardens Kew 17062007-069

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew 17062007-069 (Photo credit: Walwyn)

The photo in my header, taken by a passer by, shows David and me in Kew Gardens, our favorite haunt in London.  We made many trips to England and Europe together and always stopped in Kew Gardens if we were in London. We usually spent one whole day there.

Following Dr. Johnson’s dictum, ‘If you are tired of London, you are tired of life’, we visited London on every trip. We made it to Kew in all seasons.  The photo above dates from October 1993.

I visited England several times without David, but never went to Kew Gardens without him. Ditto the botanic gardens at Oxford. They were special places for the two of us.

On one visit to the Oxford Botanic Gardens, David was I know not where, and a strange man kissed me.  The man was a tour conductor who had parked his group in an inn somewhere. He sat down on the bench in the Botanic Gardens where I was watching a cricket match across the river. Me a sob sister, and he an unhappy man, we got to talking. He told me about his wife, his group, and how he hated conducting tours. I told him I had a husband nearby. 

Before I could say Jack Rabbit, the tour conductor asked if he could kiss me.  I stood there flabbergasted, quickly turned my head and he grabbed me by the shoulders and slobbered on my cheek.  Meanwhile a roar went up from the cricket match crowd  across the river. I never told David, not because he would get jealous, but because I was embarrassed.


Nash cut my hair earlier this week. “You have good hair,” said he. I think its much thinner,” said I.  Nash has never suggested I put something on my hair. My hair began turning white when I was in my late 20’s.  For years, I colored it myself. When I began making a good income by my mid 30s, I paid someone else to color it. I wore a pains-taking page-boy then. I don’t suppose that ‘Fifties’ hair style is still called a page-boy.

These days, I wear my hair in the same short cut Mom gave me at age 3, with bangs.  When the bangs get long, I brush them to the side. When they get too long, I have Nash cut them. Otherwise, I have wash and wear hair.  The fancy hairdo went with the way of business suits, makeup and perfume. Today, I am a different person … or not. I still wear the cords and flannel shirts of my youth.


My vet’s office just called to shift Johnny and Clare’s dental cleaning appointments. Kay will be out-of-town to see her new grandson. She has been our vet since she completed veterinary school and now she’s a grandma. Good God!! The last time I saw Kay’s daughter she was a teenager working in the bird store next door to the vet’s office. Given my oldest granddaughter will turn 24 this year, and it seems she will marry the boy she brought home at Christmas, I wonder how long it will be before my daughter is a grandma? Now my hair really is white!

English: A view across the gardens to the Palm...

A view across the gardens to the Palm House in Kew Gardens, in London, England. This is a 4 segment panoramic image. Visible in the foreground of the palm house are some of the replicas of the Queen’s Beasts: the Yale of Beaufort, the Red Dragon of Wales, the White Horse of Hanover, the Unicorn of Scotland, and the Griffin of Edward III.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



8 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Yes, I still like that image. Beyond chaarming.
    I so hope you two are warm. In the thirties here at sunset. We are wearing more layers now that we did last time we were in London. Yes, mam, we will hit those gardens next time we got.


  2. That is a glorious header photo! You both look wonderful and happy. I envy that beautiful silver hair you have. I have streaks of white in mine and it’s kinky and annoying. Yours looks so smooth and graceful.

    I would love to go back to London. England was our first overseas trip and we had such a wonderful time with the kids. We missed the Kew gardens. Darn! Well, it’s back on our bucket list now.

    That tour conductor was obviously very touched by your kind listening ear.


  3. That header is a wonderful photo of a happy couple. I know what you mean about embarrassment. Not the same circumstances in my case, but throughout my teens and years of employment, I found my inability to react quickly with effective words or actions an embarrassment.

    Love the hair!


  4. That header is simply beautiful. I wondered when it was taken. I spent 2 weeks in London in November 1969. It was lovely, though it was very foggy and rainy. Never went to Kew Gardens, but I suppose there wouldn’t have been any flowers there in November. You are very fortunate to live on the East coast, because traveling to London and other parts of Europe is not as daunting as it is for me in Hawaii.


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