Things Moms never know until kids are older

 In December of last year, I wrote a post about my son John’s adventures in Spain several decades ago, as told by him to me at the time… .  He read the post and wrote the message below in response: 

Hello Mom, I just got home from doing laundry (3 loads) and am catching up on my computer work.  I think I will save more for tomorrow since it is going to be a snowy day (I guess).  It is unusually cold here but hopefully we will have school on Monday.

I found Linkedin and am a member now.  I like it a lot and need to do some work on my profile.  (one of my computer jobs tomorrow).  I also joined twitter and picked 10 people or publications to follow.  Like Smithsonian Magazine. 

Estafeta Street

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read your blog and your story of Pamplona not Madrid was a bit off.  I was told by my friends we were going to a SMALL festival in the north of Spain – HA.  My ‘friends’ lost me an hour after we got there and I couldn’t find them for 2 days.  I never saw any bulls and was not hosed down in the park.  I was taking a nap and was hit in the head with a frisbee.  I only left because a guy laying in the grass with his girlfriend was feeling my butt while he was fondling her and I thought that was too kinky for me.  Eventually, I found my ‘friends’ who had my suitcase and traveler checks.  Then we drove back to Seville which took 2 more days and I was not a very happy “camper”. 

Well I am going to go now, have a nice day and tell David I said hello.  Love,John 

8 thoughts on “Things Moms never know until kids are older

  1. Friko and grandmalin have said it well. I had to laugh at the “mature” element of grandmalin’s comment. And my sons have been among my most effective instructors, and not just in parenting. The initial post and followup are priceless.


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