Messy lives

All my life I have thought of myself as a well-organized person.  Lately, my image of myself has been slipping. Either David or me is becoming senile.  He says its me, I say its him. Suddenly communication is difficult. 

For example, this morning, we have been packing our Espresso maker to ship back to the factory for repair.  It took us all morning, and now I have a migraine. 


Romanesque (Photo credit: seriykotik1970)

When I walked to the car with him, I noticed a box on the back seat. He said it was a box I had packed for Goodwill.  Fortunately, I had written something on the side so I could identify the winter clothes I had packed about a month ago. Hopefully they can use it next winter. 

David just called to let me know he left the paperwork associated with our morning project at the Post Office. 

Actually, I called him first, but his phone was turned off as it often is (he is saving electricity). He says he called back three times. When I asked him if he had the paperwork and reminded him he had to take a number from it to put on the side of the box, he said he left the paperwork at the Post Office. He went back to the PO and called me three times trying to find the confirmation number on the paper. My phone was in my pocket, but I did not hear it ring.  He says he is now on a first name basis with Eugene at the PO.  Was it me or him??


Our yoga class on Sunday went well, I thought.  Although the prana were easy, David said he hurt all over on Monday.  Tuesday, he could hardly walk after the physical therapist finished with him. So, I don’t think its the yoga. Amanda, his PT told him to go home put ice on his hip for 15 minutes and then take a nap. I can see another hip replacement in his future.  He says Amanda told him to check with his surgeon about his old hip. (He’s having PT for the new hip.)


After two glorious days, the weather has turned rainy and windy. After David returns from the PO we had planned to walk the dogs. His surgeon told him to ‘walk.’  I don’t think we will be out in this weather. I think he will be back in his easy chair with an ice pack.


The Smithsonian catalogue of winter events arrived. I’ve been an associate member for years and attended many events…lectures, seminars, tours, with the Smithsonian.  I am toying with two or three items from the winter schedule. After discussing it with David, he agreed I would have to do it alone. He simply cannot sit for 8 hours listening to an instructor.

I have taken several classes through Georgetown University’s Continuing Education Program from BB the instructor teaching the seminar on the Arts and Crafts movement.  I took two classes with her on Impressionism in Europe and America, a class on Van Gogh, and two more classes on Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals in Europe.

English: Original design for Trellis wallpaper...
English: Original design for Trellis wallpaper by William Morris, 1862. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most appealing to me this term is the seminar on the Arts and Crafts Movement. BB will devote the morning to England (William Morris, et al)

"Artichoke" wallpaper,designed by Jo...
“Artichoke” wallpaper,designed by John Henry Dearle for Morris & Co. Printed design pre-1900 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and the afternoon to America (Frank Lloyd Wright, et al). As I concentrated on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in my History MA, this course is my cup of tea. As Miranda‘s mom would say…Such fun!! 


7 thoughts on “Messy lives

  1. You have my sympathies also. I’m afraid we all sometimes have those sort of mornings. Often times we can’t be reached because we just don’t hear the phone. Recently, nobody could reach us and we just couldn’t understand WHY. I checked the settings and was ready to take our iPhone to the apple store to be checked. Turned out I’d turned the sound off by mistake. Oops!


  2. My sympathies. We are there, too, including not hearing the cell phone. Hope David’s hip gets the attention it needs and the pain is banished. In October we visited the Marin County Civic Center that Wright designed. I loved the outside. Most of the inside of the section we rambled around in seemed cold and sterile to me. Except the library. As long as there are real books present, libraries beckon, welcome and make me feel right at home. Enjoy your class, but I’m with David. An hour and a half and I am hurting and my left leg is jerking around in weird ways.


  3. Mine too….in architectural history.You are going to have a lot of fun and I am having jealous moments. Oh, delightful.

    Yeah, time for only one person per project, and phones on all the time. Life works better that way here too. Books here slow for the first time in months. I don’t think I have wished for someones library to be donated, but I did today. Brought home 6 from the city library and a Jacqueline Winspear from the Shop.


  4. I can’t believe how absent minded you both are. My older daughter tends to be that way and has been that way since childhood. Forgets her house keys, her ID card, her phone, etc. It’s unbelievable. I am never that forgetful, but my hubby is beginning to show signs of it. Ah, well, best wishes to all concerned! Lol.


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