As good as it gets

the health of the people is the highest law

the health of the people is the highest law (Photo credit: bobcat rock)

We’ve been having a funny sort of week.  If you have been waiting on tenterhooks* for my report on the yoga class, it does not begin until 1/29.  That’s why you haven’t read about it. Walking the dogs, housework, and work in the garden, have been my ‘exercise’ this week.


Monday, I visited my gastroenterologist Dr. H.  Probably because I only saw him twice before and he worked on my insides, he did not remember me. However, David had mixed up the message and told me I had an appointment with a Dr. Friendly so I was pleased to see Dr H. 

Dr. H told me two years ago he was quitting medicine if the new health care law came into being. Under the new health care rules I am obliged to see him, whether I have a problem or not, to ensure continued renewal of my prescription for Carafate which binds bile and keeps it from eroding my stomach. 

Mostly the visit went like this:

Do you get any exercise? Yes, I walk my dogs, do housework and some work in the garden. Even in winter? Even in winter. 

While he grumbled and struggled with his computer, entering information about my visit, we discussed the new health care law requiring doctors link patients records via computer, and how the whole project seemed a disaster and not much good to patients.  He asked me if my GP used a computer, then proceeded to ask me other questions.

I remembered most of what he told me on my last visit, for example, that I had a “leaky valve” in my stomach.  He was reading from his notes, and he complimented me on my memory. Well yes, its pretty difficult to forget a leaky valve and why I am taking Carafate.  

He told me he agreed with my primary care physician that one should have two colonoscopies in five years, but that Medicare and most insurance companies won’t pay for it unless you have one of the indicators you are a potential cancer risk.  No big fan of colonoscopies, this is fine with me as long as I get my Carafate.  Apparently, the leaky valve does not qualify me for a second colonoscopy within the next three years.


Tuesday, David had physical therapy for his “old” hip.  He says it hurt so much he broke down crying.  He told me he asked his surgeon if this was as good as it gets. Dr R did not answer him. David, who has always been optimistic, now is not. David says he knows he will be having hip surgery within the year.  This will be joint replacement number 3. We both dread it.  The worst part is the rehabilitation afterward. Also, he still suffers with bursitis pain in the “new” replaced hip, and we worry about his heart condition.


That afternoon, a funny looking fellow who talked out of the side of his mouth banged on the front door and asked if I wanted him to cut down the “dead tree” in my yard.  I told him the tree was not dead, merely dormant.  

To top out this wild day, the Post Office delivered a new real estate assessment from the county.  The value of our house has increased again.  This means higher property taxes this fall.  


Today, five large packages arrived. As it was 24 degrees last night, I freaked thinking they had erred and sent me live plants. But no, the packages contained ‘Long Tom’ pots for pepper plants I plan to grow this summer, or did until I read about the invasion of the stink bugs who love pepper plants.

The last box was a hanging basket. The birds ruined my other hanging container, pulling the hemp matting loose from the frame, to use as nesting material.

All the boxes were packed with weird molded ‘stuffing’ (not horrible peanuts) which completely encased the pots.  After I struggled for a half hour to release one pot from its protective covering, David told me there was no more room in the trash bin or blue recycle bin. I told him I would open one box per week until the stuffing was gone. Just as well they sent me the pots in January. Meanwhile they are stacked in the dining room and David’s shop. He made more room for me by hauling his loud-speaker/public adress system to Goodwill.


That’s all, and its only Wednesday.  If it gets anymore exciting around here, I don’t know what we will do.

*tenterhooks have been used since the fourteenth century for weaving textiles.           

13 thoughts on “As good as it gets

  1. That colonoscopy prep is just horrible. I’ve had one procedure and told the dr I would not do it again until they figure out a different method. The procedure itself is a piece of cake, but the prep nearly killed me. Glad you can get your meds w/o the colonoscopy.

    sounds like you have a horrible ol’ grumpy dr who probably should retire. I would have a real hard time dealing with him and his grumblings.


  2. I fear there will be some serious changes in the medical profession. As all loss of individual freedom is incremental, we have only seen the beginning.


  3. Sorry to hear of all the medical problems the two of you are having. I think this time of year is difficult for many people…… and to have all this on top is horrible. Sounds as if your doctor isn’t coping too well with new systems. I just try to stay away from the doctor and keep taking all the tablets. (26 daily at the last count.) Every Blessing


  4. I read an article the other day that stated there are 10,000 lawsuits by unhappy patients against Johnson & Johnson for making faulty ALL METAL hip replacements that break down in 5 years. Patients have had to endure painful surgeries to replace these all metal devices. Best wishes to your husband!


  5. Wow! You have a lot of stuff going on. I don’t have to get another colonoscopy for 10 years and I’m a happy camper about it. I hate the prep.
    Just started line dancing again so I’m moving a little bit more but not a whole lot. My cousin just had a stroke and she’s younger than I am. I need to exercise more too.


  6. I had to laugh at myself..I always thought the expression was “tenderhooks” another didn’t hear that right that our family is known for doing..


  7. Sounds like releasing that one pot from its packing was pretty intense exercise for your wild day. Pain is discouraging to even the most determined. You and David are in my thoughts. And once again, thanks for stretching my mind a bit with your mention of tenterhooks. I have just spent an enlightening few minutes with Wikipedia and have a new appreciation of the cliche “on tenterhooks.”


  8. Dear me, Dianne, as you say, all that and it’s only Wednesday. Do please take it easy. Unwrapping parcels could lead to all sorts!

    We don’t get colonoscopies on demand, only if something is wrong. I really wouldn’t like lots of invasive procedures for no reason at all. They’re bound to find something or other unexplainable, which means further tests and procedures. And so on. I am quite happy to stay away from doctors until I do need their attention. even then I might think twice – and hope for whatever it is to go away – before I actually consult them.

    Old age comes with too many ailments anyway, worse luck.


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