Hooray for Bollywood

Below a video clip from my son John.  Years ago he shared a townhouse in DC with the blonde girl (Lowrey) who now lives in Moab Utah. Lowrie is into dance big time.

During this period, John had a bit part in a ballet performed by the French Opera Ballet Company at the Kennedy Center.  John’s claim to fame at this time was to pass out during a performance by the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

Apparently, his friend Lowreybollywood has more stamina.


11 thoughts on “Hooray for Bollywood

  1. Loved this and followed the video with a Mpab news account of the Moab Bollywood dancers as entertainment at an Indian dinner fundraiser for the Moab recycling program. Never made it to Moab but enjoyed a hike and prowling around in the smaller Bluff community in the area during a month-long retirement road trip in June 2008..

    Naw, she couldn’t be 47. The 40s and 50s get younger every year. And John’s claim to fame was pretty impressive, too.


  2. Fascinating dance routine. They were all great but the gal in the purple seems to be a natural. Her moves are effortless and never appear “staged”. That’s strictly from a neophyte’s untrained perspective.


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