Winter doings

Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket (Photo credit: Bankside)

 While the rest of the country watches the Inauguration on TV or fights their way to the Mall and back, we will be lying on our backsides at the hospital. No we are not ill, I moved our yoga class. Perhaps today we will discover we can still bend in many places.

When I weighed this morning I was at the same plateau weight I have held for a few weeks. Disappointing, but a weight gain would be more disappointing.  At least I know how to maintain my weight while traveling and over holidays. Should I ever remove that last 20 pounds, I wonder if I will look like all those glamorous chicks you see in the fashion mags who have lost tonnage?  Not likely, but I am going to buy some new clothes.


Our weather has been so nice I have been able to do yard work the past few days. So much for the “big” blizzard wildly reported on the weather stations.  David reports he was able to fix a few of the stepping-stones. When the nursery boys redid the gravel walk last fall, they relaid the stepping-stones on top of the pea gravel, making them decidedly dangerous for folks prone to falls. Thus, David is reseating them, no easy task for a guy who will be 84 in a few months.

I am loving the new caged bird feeder.  So far I have seen Downey Woodpeckers, Carolina Wrens and Chickadees walking about in the cage eating to their heart’s content. They are so clever. The larger birds like Starlings can only come and watch or try to cling to the wire cage and poke a beak through the bars.  If the Woodpecker is feeding, he pecks at their feet and they fly off.  Before this the big bullies drove him away from the feeder. 

January…I go quite mad. While others order linens and things, I order many dollars of annuals and perennials from my favorite garden nursery…also, two new containers. one a hanging “Charleston” basket, and a pot named Roumbaki Mallia, identical to one made over 3,000 years ago in the village of Mallia on Crete. 

Knossos, Crete, Greece

Knossos, Crete, Greece (Photo credit: gbaku)

In winter, the gardener repairs, dreams of warm weather and prepares for containers filled with red begonias. To compensate for cold we bring plants into our houses or green houses and ‘hang out’ at local garden centers. 

I don’t have a green house alas, but do have shelves in warm places collecting sunlight or lighted by grow lights. I get all goose bumpy thinking about them.Theseus and Ariadne  


8 thoughts on “Winter doings

  1. Well done for keeping your weight steady – I am struggling to get myself back in control again. It is only a pound, but it won’t go back off. I’ve the same amount to lose as you, so let’s keep supporting each other. Every Blessing Freda from Dalamory (


  2. We used to love our bird feeder back in Illinois. Over here in Hawaii, our bird feeder was our papayas. Tsk!

    My son was at the inauguration and he sent us a text photo. Wow! What a crowd!


  3. Interesting how you spend beaucoup bucks on plants. Maybe I should do the same. The Ixora patch next to our mailbox needs to filled in a bit with more Ixora plants. We’ll get those from Home Depot. Good luck with the Yoga and WW plan. I managed to lose 15 lbs since my weigh in at the clinic in May. Good progress!


  4. Oh, spring is going to be so much fun. I can get into one size smaller so we have progress. Little dairy, super low fat, and only a tablespoon of peanut butter. We have progress here. LOL


  5. Maintaining weight during travel and holiday celebrations is a major accomplishment. Congratulations. And I am eagerly awaiting news of the yoga class and in the coming months’ gardening chronicles.


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