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yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

An exercise ball allows a wide range of exerci...

An exercise ball allows a wide range of exercises to be performed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


yoga (Photo credit: Y100’s Design 菲力喜歡他的工作)

Until I had a stroke, I used the gym at work for yoga and Pilates. For several years after I retired I belonged to a local health club and used the pool for arthritic water exercise. Owing to various issues with my skin and hip, I stopped pool exercise and let my membership lapse in January of this year. My hip is better, I think the repetitive motion even in the water where supposedly I weighed half as much did not help it.  My skin (psoriasis) is about the same but could have been made worse if I had continued to use the pool and sauna.

yoga studio

yoga studio (Photo credit: thomas pix)

I have the odd arthritis flare-up from time to time particularly in my right elbow, so I gave one of my yoga mats to my youngest granddaughter. I kept the other one…just in case.

This month, I decided to enroll David and me in a yoga class at the hospital.  The hospital brochure describes the class as ‘for those unable to do the more strenuous kind of yoga.’ I don’t know all the kinds of yoga, but I know some of the prana I used before my stroke are impossible for me now that I have spinal stenosis. Bah!! I am hoping the new class will give us a yoga we both can do. I love yoga.


David resumes physical therapy for his “new” hip this month, and the yoga class follows. We can eat lunch at the hospital afterward. Our hospital center is a “with it” place. We know it’s a good hospital because members of Congress use it.  


As weird as it may sound, the first thought I had after I realized I was having a stroke and felt the left side of my body completely paralyzed was, “Heck, now I won’t be able to do yoga.” Sure enough, when I returned to the gym, I couldn’t do yoga. I finally managed to ride the recumbent bike and walk on the treadmill, but they never did for me what yoga did.

We have our own treadmill and bike at home, however, I hate our upright bike…too hard on my poor spine. So, I joined another gym when I retired. I tried various things at the new gym, and finally settled on ‘warm water aerobics for arthritis.’ All went well for a while. Eventually, however, I developed skin issues owing to the chlorine. 

At the seashore

At the seashore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gosh, I was spoiled as a younger person. I had access to sea water or fresh water ponds every where I lived until I was 27. Both are much better for my skin.

Wish us luck with this new endeavor.  Our class begins next week.    

15 thoughts on “Keeping fit

  1. Thanks for the visit and the mini-update on those granddaughters in your comment. And yes, those grades are impressive. I look forward to the next time a topic lures you into more details about their pursuits.


  2. I’ll be anxious to know how the less stressful yoga goes. I’ve never been able to do the regular kind because of my back but would be willing to try a different approach.


  3. I’ve never tried Yoga … but judging from your reports, it must be good! I have a gym membership. I never go, but I do pay the dues, so I figure I should get some credit for that. B and I do go dancing, though, and I’ve recently joined a table tennis club, which is more exercise than you might think.


  4. sabrina is a yoga instructor not full time but is certified to teach,, there is a sit down yoga for those with limited movement .


  5. Very good luck, Dianne. I can’t do yoga now because my knees hurt when I kneel on the floor. Te only exercise I get is walking. And I don’t do enough of that either in winter. You are a good example to me, I really must get off my chair a bit more.


  6. Best to you and David. Both strokes and aging wake one up to appreciation of abilities that were taken for granted and now are gone and may or may not be coaxed back into existence!


  7. Ah the misery of it all. I’ve never been fatter. My sinus is better and my cough is less, so I am back in the pool and feeling better at last. Yoga wasn’t a solution that worked with my body, but Tai Chi did. I loved Tai Chi. Yes, I really wish you luck….especally getting up and down. Maybe they will let you do it in a chair? 🙂

    That pot was in the Mingei museum. Yes, that’s a contemporary Japanese pot, so you can still find something similar. Just put Bizen pots in google.and see what you get. 🙂


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