Word of mouth

As if I didn’t have enough to do, Amazon sent me a free puzzle book for my Kindle.

English: Amazonian rainforest, upper Amazon ba...

English: Amazonian rainforest, upper Amazon basin, Loreto region, Peru. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazon has sent many free products to me over the years. Some of the gifts I liked, some I didn’t.  I supported Amazon via reviews during their early start-up days and they never forgot it, apparently. 

I stopped writing reviews for Amazon about 10 years ago. The competition became quite fierce and underhanded in some instances. Besides, what had been a fun activity came to feel  much like a chore. That one of my co-workers said one day, “I wonder what kind of fools write reviews for Amazon,” made matters worse. 

I read the reviews other folks write about products, usually both the best and the worst opinions. Most of the time I can glean some useful information by doing this. For example, I found a nice carry on case for my trip to CA last fall by reading reviews.  Ditto my Chicago Metallic baking pans.  

I also use other services like Angie’s list to ‘suss out’ potential products and services. I found the woman who cleans my house via Angie’s list. She is just as excellent as the reviewers said.

We also get referrals from businesses we already use. For example, when we needed an electrician, we called our furnace maintenance company.  They referred us to a small company run by a man in his 70s.  Real old-style service here. 

The upshot is this.  Although some entities pay big bucks for advertising, some of us are immune to big-buck ads and rely on word of mouth.  The old-fashioned way to do business in this fast-changing world.




5 thoughts on “Word of mouth

  1. Old-fashioned word-of-mouth for old-fashioned service works because the recommendations come from folks who actually know and appreciate real service. I find your posts of personal experience interesting and helpful.


  2. What kind of fool writes reviews for amazon? Is it the kind of fool who writes a retirement blog? Oh, let’s just say these people are not fools, just individuals who have something to say!


  3. Word of mouth is best in my opinion. If you trust these people’s opinion you’re home and dry.
    We found some excellent home maintenance firms that way.


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