Sunshine on my shoulder


Sunshine! (Photo credit: vns2009)

I’m feeling pretty cheery today. Yesterday, we got the house mostly cleaned, we walked the dogs in the mild winter sunshine, and I saw my daughter and two of my granddaughters. This morning, when I weighed myself, I had lost another pound. The oatmeal and grapefruit I have been consuming for breakfast most mornings has paid off. Also walking the dogs every day has helped and leaves me time in the afternoon to read. Once again, I picked up my LBJ book Passage of Power by Caro. Yesterday’s chapter was on John Kennedy.

Seems John’s father Joe did not make his millions running booze as some have suggested. Rather he made his money in the 1920s stock market like any other financier. But what really impressed me…again…was the story of JFK’s exploits in the South Pacific. Wonderful stuff, and tells you that heroes really have existed in the past. In my mind the most important thing JFK ever said was “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Where can we find such men (or women)?

The really nifty thing is that I idolized JFK when I was younger and its nice to see that someone you thought was a hero really was one. My hero-worship did not extend to his brothers, I fear. Oh yes, I know how some liberals feel about them, my mother included (she worked in RFK’s campaign). But I don’t.


I am sure when I am finally carted off to the old folks home, the attendents will say of me: “She always cheers up when she sees her kids.”

I will let you in on a secret…visits from children and grandchildren to parents and grandparents do matter.

I had a wonderful discussion with granddaughter Amelia who has applied to the UVA graduate program in the Department of ?  Funny I didn’t ask her which department, but I know she wants to teach high school math and science. And Joy is doing well in her studies too. Joy and sister Rita were in another truck crash this week. Someone hit Rita as she pulled out of a their little country road. Very nerve-wracking place to drive I think.

Well, that’s all folks. Nary a mouse in sight today. We laid traps everywhere last night and not one catch. Connie says she saw one on the back porch climbing into the trash basket.  I had swept the porch after we filled the bird feeders. He must have found the sweepings in the trash. Clever fellow, and he can just stay outside.


12 thoughts on “Sunshine on my shoulder

  1. Joe Kennedy, himself, said he made his money off of running whiskey. He then applied the money to the market and got out just before the crash. Both stories are half right?
    Liked John and not Robert? I am quite the opposite. John was a war hero. He did save lives. But I think that Robert (and LBJ) was the real person for civil rights. I remember my dad( a staunch Republican) saying, “That darn LBJ, he would invoke the name of the dead President and pass every ______ bill that Bobby Kennedy ever dreamed about.” He came to admire both of those men.
    JFK got us into Vietnam and was too afraid of backlash to help the civil rights movement. At least that is what my research says :>)


  2. Congrads of your weight loss! I have to get into gear and start working on mine! Ten years before a desk, working 40 hours a week, not exercise, well, you can guess. But you have inspired me to get started!


  3. JFK, good or bad? I think you could construct a whole UVA graduate program on that question! (But I’m with you; I think on balance he was agood prez.) Anyway, congrats. on your weight loss. I’ve been dogsitting my daughter’s mutt for three weeks, walking every morning and every night. And I GAINED 3 pounds over Christmas break . . . no fair!


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