To Catch a Thief

Looking for a place to stash the Christmas tree in David’s shop, I knocked a few things on the floor. One item, the heavy base of a now defunct office lamp, rolled off the shelf and almost landed on my foot. Poor me, that would have broken a few bones. As it was too heavy for me, I asked David to cart it out to the trash bin. 

It was then I spotted a bird-cage shelf I had removed from behind the dryer and tossed a week or so ago. 

I could have sworn we took this to the trash last week, I said.

Look at the brass screws, says he. I can use those for something.

Chuck it out I demanded. So he did..I think.

I hope he did.  We have been making progress with our big clean-up and de-mousing.  He is helping me because he doesn’t want another cat. As I am allergic to them, so we won’t get one, but I don’t tell him this.  I let him worry a bit.

How about another dog? Big Al got a swell new dog.


I have packed all the vulnerable items in plastic containers and I know we have done a good job because the mouse only found one dried-up apple last night…his little teeth visible around the mouse sized bite in the otherwise untouched apple.  I don’t think he like it. Good housekeeping reduces his find. At last David sees the point of cleaning.

I am not alarmed, having lived with mice for over 30 years.  I never had them until I married David and the mouse population has waxed and waned since. The first 20 years or so, the three cats killed them.  I came home one night to find Bob Cat swallowing a mouse whole. When I pried his jaws open to see what he had, little legs and a tail disappeared down his throat. Cats are great, but I can’t have a cat.

Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How about I get a Rat Terrier, I ask David.

Suzie on the Hunt

Suzie on the Hunt (Photo credit: dagnyg)


7 thoughts on “To Catch a Thief

  1. Dogs and cats dislike the smell of vinegar. I wonder how mice react to it? It might be worth adding some white vinegar to the water you clean the shelves and floor with.


  2. Can you rent a cat? David has been fighting this cleaning business tooth and nail. So funny. Unfortunately mice and silverfish eat books. My bottom line.


  3. What’s in a name? Lol. I no longer like animals in my home, mainly because I prize my silk rug and my leather furniture. However, if hubby dies, I might adopt a small dog.


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