Needs must

My neighbor Dawn just went by in the UPS truck.  She works at a hair salon up the street.  I don’t know what she does, but one of the reasons I make sure I am regularly groomed is because of Dawn.  Should I let my once curly locks overgrow she comes up behind me, ruffles my hair and says, “Who cuts your hair?” This is no small feat as I am 5’7″ tall and she is barely 5 feet.

Recently, Dawn drove her car smack dab into the corner of her house and damaged both. Now she asks the UPS driver for a lift. Dawn is a Peruvian immigrant, now a citizen. She goes “home” to Peru every summer to see her extended family. Wonder if the UPS truck goes as far as National Airport? 


Dawn knows I have a regular hair stylist. I have told her this many times.

Nash, who styles my hair, is a former refugee from Lebanon who told me he doesn’t care if Syrians kill each other after what they did to his family. No bitterness there.

Nash keeps candy in his shop for David. David always looks for the candy Nash puts out the days I have an appointment. Nash knows David will ask for it, but he doesn’t want to keep it out all the time.  We can’t stay away from the candy, he says. 


Our county board met yesterday.  They are arguing about the worthiness/cost of building a tram down the main Pike versus more affordable housing. They have been having this argument for many years. Long-time residents (seniors) like Dawn are being priced out of the market by the escalating cost of housing. With an average monthly rent of $1,768, most of the newer housing caters to upper income professionals. 


Tram (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Trams at Central Station

Trams at Central Station (Photo credit:

Officials project the our new tram system, which will connect with the line in downtown DC, will cost a huge amount of money. Although it would give us a direct connection to downtown (the National Mall). Clean natural gas driven Metro buses already provide this service at less cost.

Given future cutbacks in Federal spending on local mass transit projects, the board forecasts county property owners (taxpayers) will cover the costs for the tram project in future. Every thing else the county board devises such as affordable housing for folks who can not afford the property taxes on their current homes and must sell up and move on is also on the wish list.  As the economists say, somebody’s ox is going to get gored.  No matter how nice mass transportation and affordable housing, somethings gotta give.



7 thoughts on “Needs must

  1. How amazing that Dawn is catching a ride with the UPS truck. I’ll bet there are regulations against it. She must be very persuasive.

    Now you got me worried about Hawaii’s rain project.


  2. Like Fl and CA,I think it would behoove any municipality or local government to learn to live WITHOUT taking money form the feds. Soon there will be no money to take* and these organizations will already have learned be solvent on their own.

    * It will all be going to three entities: defense, welfare programs and government paychecks.


  3. Here in Hawaii, we seem to have both. The Feds gave us lots of money to construct a rail from West Oahu to Ala Moana Center. And private developers have won the right to build affordable housing, too. I believe that where there is a will, there’s a way!


    • Hawaii might have both today, but the federal money for most of the mass transportation projects will dry up in the future. This is why the governors of FL and CA decided to not take federal money for the high speed rail projects in their respective states.


      • California took the high speed rail money, to the chagrin of the local farmers. They are screaming bloody murder that the high speed rail will take all of their farm land. Ridiculous. They just want to wait and sell their farm land to developers who will build more houses and shopping malls. There is is plenty of farm land here. I am hoping the bullet train will be finished before I depart this planet. It would make travel to the bay area so easy.


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