Souptime anyone

 What could be better when a cold winter storm threatens than a pot of soup? I have searched for a good recipe for many years. By good, I mean something I could heat and eat again on day 2 when most things from the day before taste like §leftovers§  At last, I have stumbled onto a good recipe in the Weight Watchers All-time Favorites cookbook…an Italian bean soup.  And not just any bean soup…one that I actually like. This soup provides vegetables in a palatable form. 

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I am not a vegetable eater.  I love dairy products…milk, milk and more milk…and shun veggies, although I have been making an effort to eat more of them this past year. I am the kid whose parents tried everything and failed to get her to eat her  spinach.

The Italian bean soup includes white kidney beans and green beans.  You can switch out the green beans for a green like kale or collards, should you choose.                                                                        —000—

my motto this month #breathe #pink #odat

Mynde Mayfield

This morning, I searched for my old and battered ODAT.  I found the little blue book in the nightstand next to my bed. Although it offers a great thought for each day, I had stopped reading it daily a while back, probably about the time I had a stroke seven years ago.  Distilled words of wisdom reside in this book and remind me of my old Episcopal prayer-book minus the doxology.

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to read the ODAT daily. ODAT stands for One Day at a Time.

I discovered the little book many years ago through Al-Anon. About one-third of the pages are dog-eared from daily discovery. Most of my family members are affected by the disease of alcoholism, and most of them are in recovery. Tonight one of them is celebrating 12 years of “being sober.”

Don’t believe in miracles? Too bad. Like the saints of God in the old hymnal you meet them everywhere, at work and play.220px-Mistletoe_Postcard_1900 All you need are the ears to hear and the eyes to see.  


5 thoughts on “Souptime anyone

  1. The Great Geezer hates beans, but I’ll try that one on him. I think I have that cookbook. 🙂

    Yes, I went out and bought one of those little bookshelves that bolt to the wall. You put a book on the bottom that fits a slot, and all of a sudden your book pile floats on the wall. It holds an amazing load of volumes. Mixed inbetween the volume on the Panama Canal, where we hope to go next year, and the book of Haiku is my ODAT…which I too don’t open often enough. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs to David too.


  2. We are opposites I cannot tolerate any dairy products, but LOVE vegetables. So can we swap? I do love soups and am always trying new recipes. I make a large potful, Have a portion fresh that day and freeze the remainder in portions. That way I have soup at hand any time I want it.


  3. I am not fond of veggies, either. Lol. Nice that we have that in common. On the other hand, my favorite recipe for Portuguese bean soup includes corn, black beans and tomatoes, so lots of fiber there. My brother was a drug addict (shot heroin up his veins), but so far it does not seem to be hereditary, as we sisters have never turned to drugs. Sometimes, I wonder if my mother brought home the wrong baby from the hospital.


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