What do you mean, maple syrup isnt a fruit?


Christmas sugar cookies.

Christmas sugar cookies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Tired of hearing about my efforts at weight loss? Better stop reading here. Yes this post contains more on the same subject plus a few other tidbits.  That’s because healthy weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It takes one day at a time for the rest of your life. 

The bad news for me is that for the past few weeks, I have stalled out or plateaued in Weight Watcher lingo, and the holiday season isn’t helping. Just yesterday, David’s daughter dropped off a plate of Christmas cookies. Julie is thin as a rail and bakes really great Christmas cookies.

I’d love to show you a photo of the cookies, but I am having problems uploading photos at this time and cannot get my photos inserted into this post. I copied a few from Zemanta, but these cookies are not nearly as good as Julie’s, I am sure.

Only one of Julie’s cookie is left. I ate two and David ate the rest. For him they were dessert following a huge helping of cherry pie topped with vanilla ice cream and a boat load of whipped cream.

Julie’s assortment contained macaroons, pfeffernusse, and a couple of other kinds, one of them crunchy like toffee rolled in peanuts. I like macaroons, and Julie put little currents in hers….scrumptious.  

The good news is that I have stalled out at 21 lbs below my starting weight. Each of Julie’s cookies cost me 2 points, which is not too bad, all things considered. For example, the WW desserts are each about 4 points.  


I have grown weary of cooking…again. I wax and wane in my  efforts. Lately, I have resorted to buying Weight Watchers Smart Choice and other prepared single serving lo-cal meals. When I get to the point of barfing, my cooking mojo will return, and I will resume cooking. In fact, I am making vegetable soup today because I can’t face another WW meal.

I had found my old cooking skills returning, but I failed to continue my efforts after I returned from CA in October. Got spoiled at my son’s house, I suppose.  

Since then I have cooked about once per week, usually making a meal, parts of which I can freeze for later meals. That is if anything is left over. David likes this as he is the king of triple helpings and leftovers.  Soups…I make and freeze many containers. Eating them later is iffy. Why do I always think someone else’s cooking is better?

Because they are pricey, I only eat about one store bought WW meal per day, relying on other things for breakfast, such as cereal or Eggo waffles (which have about the same points as the WW kind).  My own or someone else’s soup, smoothies or yogurt work for lunch.

We almost never eat out, and if we do it is breakfast.  I feel guilty about spending money to have someone else fix me a poached egg, one slice of bacon and a fruit cup, but when we eat at our favorite breakfast joint, David always gets the full English breakfast, so we do it for him. 

We have cut back the take out food to almost nil. The WW site shows points for various meals, such as the egg Mcmuffin I eat occasionally.  When my children were quite small and we were stationed in Florida, several times a week, I pushed my crappy old stroller carrying two children along a broken verge to a local eatery under tall pines. These were the pre McDonald days and there I could buy hamburgers for a 15 cents. Goodness knows what was in them, but they tasted good, and I was younger and ignorant of good nutrition.

Can’t blame my Mom for the bad habits I developed as a teen when I was the queen of Fritos and glazed donuts.  Mom did her best to ensure we had good food to eat. Until it became overwhelming for her living on her own most of the time with small children, Mom kept a cow, chickens, and a vegetable patch. I got my early gardening experience working in her Victory garden.


To cover up the dearth of salt, most of those prepared boxed meals claiming to be “lo-salt”you find at the grocery store depend on lots of garlic, peppers, and spices which rip my stomach to shreds.  I can have salt, so I use limited amounts of garlic and pepper in the dishes I prepare, and they taste better.  I pick my herbs from the window box in my kitchen where I grow Rosmary and Thyme. For example, the vegetable soup I am fixing today contains only one chopped clove of garlic and fresh thyme and salt for seasoning.


Container Garden2 8/06

Container Garden Photo credit: fiveten)

The espresso coffee I make with really good Italian beans, tastes good every day.  Yesterday, I hung on the phone with a tech rep discussing my recalcitrant espresso maker. The machine had pitched a hissy fit, and the rep said I needed to decalc it.  In other words, the machine needed decalcifying to unjam its moving parts.

11 thoughts on “What do you mean, maple syrup isnt a fruit?

  1. Reading your post made me go on the scale. Did you hear me scream? It must be the holiday cookies that our neighbors have brought us. Arrrghh! I’m also on a 2 week hiatus from zumba. I’ll need to really start moving soon.


  2. (3rd time to try to leave a note with my out of control fingers that hit the wrong buttons and vanish the note.) No Splenda….you wouldn’t like the result. Wendy instinctively knew that G was one of the good guys. 🙂

    RYN Book: The WWII volume is part of a 4 volume boxed set that we picked up at an estate sale. American Heritage something-or-other covering The Revolutionary War through WWII. The volumes on the Civil War and WWI were well written and very well illustrated by war artists with a great hand. The book on WWII was poorly written with all the usual photos too.

    Hugs David from us and know that we too can just barely get into our usual clothing. January will start us on reduction anew.


  3. Trying to lose weight during the holidays is a real bitch! (Oops, excuse my French … actually, seems more Anglo Saxon to me.) But 21 lbs — that’s something to write home (or a blog post) about!


  4. I enjoy eating tasty food, but I hate to cook and wash the pots and pans later. Sometimes, when we go to a friend’s dinner party, I get so inspired by the host’s cooking that I do try to be innovative in the kitchen, too. Having a husband who wants something different every night for dinner forces me to look at recipes and write a grocery list for hubby to shop. Somehow, it works for us. As long as it is nutritious and healthy food, I don’t really worry about calories.


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