Holiday plans

David and I usually see several of our children over the midwinter holiday.  I seldom see my sons as they can’t make the trip. However, with several of my granddaughters on their midwinter break (two oldest girls work for universities, youngest is a Freshman at VA Tech), my daughter and her family will drive up from their farm for a visit.  Hannah will hang the paintings she made for me last summer and we will all go out for an evening meal.

We have not seen much of David’s sons over the years. They only manage to visit when their Dad is hospitalized.

Tomorrow, Julie, David’s daughter is taking her Dad to his favorite greasy spoon, Bob and Edith’s up the street, for his lunch.  I will see Julie afterward because I don’t eat grease.  David’s doctor told him to stop losing weight so he is enjoying the freedom of eating non-healthy foods.


I am saving my caloric intake for a meal Christmas Day at the local Carriage House restaurant, where I can get Eggs Benedict Diane, a petite steak replacing the usual Canadian Bacon.  That  meal and the one we plan to have with Connie and her family to celebrate an upcoming AA anniversary and Rita’s birthday in January will complete my holiday splurging. Connie made reservations at their favorite Thai restaurant which is very near our house.

I got David his favorite 1 lb mixture of fruit cake slices from Hale Groves for his Christmas, as well as an expensive Cashmere sweater for his 83rd birthday and Christmas combined.

haledetailDid I mention he is no longer watching his weight? 

The photo left shows the ‘pineapple only’ can of fruit cake.  David’s current can of mixed fruit cake slices is assortment #2. He ate the contents of can number 1 before Thanksgiving. I don’t do fruitcake. This Christmas we don’t have the usual assortment of candies either, which in prior years deteriorated slowly in the pantry.  Neither of us is a big candy fan. 

The only real weakness I have in the food department is espresso coffee with lots of cream.  If I could develop a taste for the pretend stuff, that would be okay, but I like real cream darn it. I also like pralines and divinity fudge from New Orleans, but I am in no danger as my sister is staying in LA with her sons.


As I am the girl who has everything, David’s gift to me is to accompany me to the Elipse to see the National Yule Log sometime over the holiday.

 Monument yule

DC: Ye Olde Yule Log

DC: Ye Olde Yule Log (Photo credit: wallyg)



18 thoughts on “Holiday plans

  1. RYN: The Costa Concordia is literally twice the size of the Titanic. Do check out that first CBS 60 Minutes video. Not only does it talk about the sinking, but it offers several nice shots of the ship when it was afloat and intact.

    Hope you are warm. We are 32 here. I suppose I need to cover my few plants.


  2. Whatever you do, may the holiday be peaceful and a pleasure for all of you. May family friction never once rear its unwelcome head and may your waistline gain never an inch. Merry Christmas, Dianne.


  3. Hey….no cream is ok. It took me years to get used to it, but I did.
    Glad David can pig out. What fun. I miss the butter and other high fat goodies of the holiday. Please hug David from us, and enjoy the Yule Log. It does sound as if you are having a good holiday. 🙂


  4. Ah ha, so David is the one person in the world who likes fruit cake. I always wondered who that was. Glad you will get to see the “girls” during the holidays.

    By the way, the snow from wordpress is starting to accumulate on your background picture.


  5. My maternal grandma always made a pound cake, a dark fruitcake,a light fruitcake,fudge and divinity at Christmas and a great aunt {her sister} made Hermit cookies, Needless to say I’m not having all of those. My Mom made ambrosia ,I might make that. My blow out meal will be on New Years Day, greens for cash, blackeyed peas for luck, pickled peaches for looks. I haven’t collected on any of the preceeding but too old to change horses now. Is the cake from Hales the one down near where I lived Indian River Fruit? If they still have Parson Brown oranges ,they are really good and hard to find. Merry Christmas to everyone.


  6. It’s nice to have get togethers during the holidays. Hope to break bread with you and David sometime next year, Dianne. Please don’t worry about your weight at that time. Lol.


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