On one of our family trips to Wisconsin, my parents dropped me off at Aunt Bernie’s house in Indianapolis.  Bernie had several children of her own and I fell right into the household routine.  Years later, Aunt Bernie told me that when I stayed with them I was bored.  I told her I loved staying with them, and how could anyone ever be bored? In fact it puzzles me when someone says, “I am so bored.”   I have never been bored in my whole life.

Recently, I reduced my computer exposure and cut back on my blogging so that I could attend to some of my other important tasks. From here on out, you may find I only blog about twice a week although I make no promises. I no longer have a work schedule. Think of it as an early New Year’s resolution. 

Currently, I have many projects or “irons in the fire.” They aren’t huge projects, just small entertaining things like playing games on my Kindle or making Christmas cookies.

Time was, the old Protestant ethic would have kicked in and I would have beat on myself for what I was and wasn’t doing. But not anymore.  I have decided I will be frivolous in my old age. Frivolous to me means spending time doing things that have no higher purpose than amusement.

After all, I worked my proverbial tail off for years raising children, going to school, and working first part-time, then fulltime. The day came when my kids didn’t need me anymore, my employer hinted I should retire, and I finished my last degree with a ho-hum, been there, done that.

So, if you are looking for an inspired tale of how to live your golden years, this might not be the place to look.  As for me I will be working a puzzle or something.puzzle 2012 001 






16 thoughts on “Puzzled

  1. I’m afraid I’ve not been able to go blog visiting as I’d like to. I’ve been doing my daily posting, but it’s hard to do both. We have to do what is comfortable and be satisfied, I think.


  2. I quite understand about cutting back on blogging. While I love it, it is time-consuming. Sometimes I schedule posts and take a few days off from answering, or it feels like work.

    As you are no longer going to post daily, I will take you off my blog roll and subscribe instead. I do that because otherwise, I spend half my blogging time clinking links with nothing new to read.


  3. There are no rules to blogging, so do so when you feel the need or desire. That way it will not become a chore. Just don’t suddenly disappear altogether, or we will be worried. Enjoy the puzzle.


  4. I concur with all you’ve said. As to the blogging … I love doing it but have cut back to posting every 4th day. That’s even difficult at times because I want the entries to be of interest and fresh …sounds easier than it is as I’m sure you know. Don’t leave though…you’d be missed.


  5. Think you’ve just cooked up a pretty good recipe for a pleasant retirement. Based on some years experiencing the stress of having to produce a weekly newspaper column along with a lot of other demands, I decided up front to limit blog posting to about one a week. That has proved to be enough for me, although some others seem to thrive on more-frequent offerings. Like you, I have too many other enjoyable things to do.


  6. What good is retirement if you can’t do what you want when you want? Good for you.

    I love puzzles. I do several every day on jigzone.com. Got to keep giving that aging mind a workout.


  7. Yes, I’ve relaxed my blogging now that November blogging month has passed. Yes, better for me if I do a little less. One thing I am doing more of is exercising in the water. I’m getting out the paints too. Eatying less too. LOL G is fractionally better at last. He’s sleeping half an hour less this week. Progress.


  8. I blog a couple of times a week and enjoy every minute of it. But I also am exploring new opportunities and reveling in the flexibility writing allows (I write for $ for a couple of websites, so officially I am still working, part time). Do what you want to do now. You earned it!


  9. I always try to write something new for my blog on a daily basis, because I enjoy the process of writing and reading the comments that come from it. Not to mention the international friendships I have made as a result of blogging. I get so much joy from my blog. I hope you will change your mind and make blogging your daily hobby!


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