Urban living

I have been cranking out my Christmas tasks one by one.  One of my New Year’s resolutions will be to overhaul my address book which is in terrible shape.  I keep losing important addresses.  Undoubtedly I will find the addresses on bits of paper tucked in the book.

I turned on the Christmas lights before David came downstairs this morning and he said it was cheery. I am waiting for Christmas tree #3 to arrive, supposedly the most realistic artificial miniature around. No big tree anymore, but a small tree in every room. I will remove one of the parrot play stands to make room for the little tree in my office. 


Autumn trees

Autumn trees (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Yard work is so much fun.  Wednesday, the county conducts its last leaf collection for 2012. Yesterday, we raked the yard for the third and last time before the end of the year, pushing the leaves to the curb out front.  David observed I was “accidentally” blowing leaves into the Jaime the neighbor’s yard as well as the tearing up the turf in our yard with the powerful Toro blower. I told David they are Jaime’s leaves. I also suggested David grab a rake if he wanted control (he won’t use the electric blower).

We face some cleanup next spring when the county will collect the winter storm damaged branches and remaining leaves, but not as bad as it could have been if we had let the bulk of the leaves lie on the garden and grass all winter. 

The power company pruned the street side of the neighbor’s trees after the bad storms this fall, but one of the trees is half dead with a hole in its trunk where it was badly pruned by the neighbor. Woodpeckers peck at the insects living in the hole which catches rainwater and rots a little more each year. If he doesn’t remove the tree, eventually it will fall on the neighbor’s house, his neighbor Eddie’s car, or the power lines.  Meanwhile the tree roots are breaking up the brick sidewalks and becoming a potential cause for a lawsuit if someone trips and breaks something.


Seth and his crew have finished upgrading our walkway in the back yard. Friday, they hauled away the mess they excavated and hauled in many wheel barrows of pea gravel. They dug out and raised the stepping-stones too. Unfortunately, the stones now lie on  6″ deep ankle grabbing gravel.  Beautiful but treacherous.  David began burying the stepping-stones in the gravel yesterday. If our backs weren’t in such rough shape we would do the work from the beginning as we always have.

The Redwood Fence

The Redwood Fence (Photo credit: joeldinda)


Because he is preparing the property for sale, Mr. Brown, whom David calls ‘the slumlord’, hired people to work on his rental next door.  As part of the upgrade, they applied ‘redwood’ paint to his side of the fence we installed last year. Brown either thinks the paint is beautiful, or will preserve the wood longer, or both. The painter even covered the rotten fence collapsing across Brown’s back yard. The whole time (20 years) he has owned the property, he has never replaced any fencing.    

Because he knows what I think about the tacky red paint, Brown instructed his painter to take care and not get any red paint on my side of the fence.  Because the painter was careful, I blew some of Brown’s leaves into the street today. Actually, they were our leaves from the Hornbeam in our yard. Besides, they would only blow through the fence into our yard when the winter winds arrive.  OK, that’s my good deed for this month.

This morning, we are sore but mobile.  Apparently yard work is good exercise for aging bodies. The chemical produced by the working body also cheers your soul.



10 thoughts on “Urban living

  1. Good for you for getting so much done. They always tell you that yard work is good for your health. I will be working on our address book too. It is such a mess. I’m not looking forward to this.


  2. Yard work can be fun? I guess . . . but you’re right, it can be good exercise, esp. raking, which I’ve found to be soothing to the neck and shoulders. But . . . oh, you gotta watch the back


  3. You are so funny about your leaves. I really do laugh when you write that you blow your leaves into his yard and his leaves into the street. Sorry david had a brownout. Maybe too much digging didn’t help either. G is on a repeat cycle of meds and doctor’s visits. I feel really sorry for him. Me: Officially I have more Aurther-itis. Oh well. LOL


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