Its a beginning….

An artificial fiber optic Christmas tree

An artificial fiber optic Christmas tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feeling a little better today after having a spell of blues associated with physical pain from arthritis earlier in the week. I know it was the grey wet November weather getting me down and the brighter weather the past day or two had much to do with my improving mood. The sun on my face as I walked the dogs yesterday felt awfully nice. If I can do it again today I will.

To cheer my self up, I bought another Christmas tree, this one a miniature about two feet high. (Looking at Mage’s beautiful photos has inspired me.) I will try to take my own photos and upload them after I get my tree decorated.   

Meanwhile we got in a bit of walking at the grocery store/pharmacy up the block. After the third reminder call, I finally retrieved my prescription. I managed to leave my cane on the pharmacy counter and only noticed I had done so when I went to the cash register to check out the groceries I bought.

Mary suggested I had left it behind because I didn’t need it. Then she thanked me for printing out the itinerary for her cruise this Christmas, and told me David and I should go on one too. As she rang up my Weight Watchers items, I told her we don’t eat and we don’t drink, so what would be the point. 

She also told me David bought a Lotto ticket yesterday and selected #1 for his #1 wife. “He is so proud of you for losing weight,” she said.  This made me begin to cry.  She said, we need to tell each other how we feel and handed me a paper towel from the roll she keeps near her cash register.  

And, yes, some of us do have problems communicating feelings, but David tells me all the time how proud he is of me.


Word Press has been “fixing” its media uploading software again.  Until I can figure out how to use the new configuration I won’t be posting any of my own photos.  Grrrr!! 

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