I probably won’t be around for the next few days.  We are driving out to Connie’s farm for Thanksgiving dinner.  This strikes me as ironic, as the kids are supposed to go over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house.  Unfortunately (??) our kitchen is so small we cannot accommodate all the family and Connie can.

We had the kids over on various holidays for years, before I obliterated the dining room turning it into a computer station/ bird room.

Laying the table one holiday

The silver and china, purchased years ago when I worked at a department store in the China-Crystal-Silver department, are packed away, unused.  I mean who wants to polish silver anyway?

The granddaughters will be there.  Joy home from Virginia Tech and with her boyfriend Joshua. The others are ‘not in a relationship’ at this time, or else the person in question is home with his or her parents.

I should have tales to tell when I next write, but have been advised to ‘change the names’ or write furtively.  Okay, but I will ask #2 how its going in her effort to go to enter graduate school to study education (as her undergraduate degree is science, she now wants to become a high school science teacher). Good for her, kids need science.

English: Photo showing some of the aspects of ...

English: Photo showing some of the aspects of a traditional US Thanksgiving day dinner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So to all of you…have a Happy Thanksgiving, think of Michelle Obama, and don’t eat too much.     

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Hope you arrived safely and are enjoying this Thanksgiving day. I will think of Michelle … not to curb my appetite…but because I’m happy that she’s still in the White House !


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