Animal story

   Sunday afternoon.

David is asleep this afternoon, and although it would do me a world of good to walk Johnny, my little boy dog, I will do it later. Johnny is upstairs sleeping with David. Johnny is a comfort dog. Meanwhile Clare, my younger girl dog is downstairs with me.

I got Clare and Johnny a few years ago (they are 8 and 4).  I have had many dogs and cats over my lifetime, and I knew the day would come when we would lose the older dogs. David is having a very difficult time with the loss of Peaches as he had one dog when he was growing up, and he was forced to give him up when his family moved from Wilson to Wilmington NC.  Such is the curse of children forced to move over and over.

Over the years, I have lived with many animals, and cannot imagine myself without a pet.  

Dogs were my favorite until I was about 8 years old. We moved into town then and my parents gave away my last dog Fiesti pictured to the right –>

Fiesti never adjusted to city living and they told me he bit the mailman, so they gave him to a farmer, which in those days meant dumping a dog along the side of the road or putting him down.

After that dog, I had one solid black cat named Sootie until I left home.

I remember the day I walked to my friend Phylis’ house and she showed me the litter of kittens her cat had. I asked Mom if I could have one and she said yes.

Mom loved animals. She was working for her cousin, a vet in Grand Rapids, when my Dad proposed to her.  After they married, my Mom who had lived on farms all her life had a cow and chickens and dogs and cats. I attribute my strong bones today to the milk and eggs she fed me when I was small.   

 I took the photo to the right –> when I was 13 and Sootie was five.  She liked to drink water from the fish bowl as you can see.  You can also see my Mom’s large peonies.

I had many dogs as an adult and one cat named Sam I brought with me from Hawaii. I give Sam to my sister after we moved back to Virginia, as my daughter suffers from Asthma and has an allergy to cats.

<– Bob Cat and Dianne circa 1990.

After David and I married, we got cats again. My son John did a “cat drop” bringing home a stray cat which he left with us when he moved out. She was pregnant and produced kittens. John wanted one of the kittens so we kept it for him.  We called the cat John’s cat, which became JC then KC then Snizzlefritz when David finally named him. We also got an orange cat I named Bob Cat or BC owing to his resemblance to said cats. 

David loves cats and would like to have another one. So after our last cat died, we went to the shelter to find a kitten. but shelters are slippery places for me.  I got lost in the bird room, and I came home with Cockatiels. Now, the biggest impediment to cat owning these days is my parrots.


Monday morning-

Have you ever suffered a near miss or dodged a bullet as they say?  We did this morning.  Our seldom used garbage disposal made a terrible noise last week, and I called our favorite plumber.  We fully expected to have the unit replaced although these days it processes almost nothing because we compost all our kitchen stuff.  Luckily, Giovanni the plumber found a small metal parrot toy had jammed the disposal. He fished it out, and saved the old unit.  So we saved $600-700. Neither of us can figure out how the toy part ended up in the sink, but we will be more vigilant from here on.

Maybe we will even get another cat someday.  

<– Dianne in East Texas in 1943. We ate the chickens.     

9 thoughts on “Animal story

  1. Oh Dianne, I am sorry you lost Peaches, dogs simply don’t live long enough.
    You have had a fair number of pets in your lifetime and there may yet be others. Benno was supposed to be our last dog and now look at us, besotted with Millie.


  2. I am so sorry about David. There must be a meeting that’s closer to the house. The long drive might be a part of why he dislikes it so. Perhaps he needs to call his sponsor on this one. I’m so very sorry about all this.

    I told G about your back…warrily. Sorry about that too.


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