I went to my Facebook page this morning to see what some of my relatives and friends have been up to lately. I seldom visit Facebook and I hadn’t been on for a while, but to my amazement, some of my more middle-of-the-road pals had gone off to one side or another in their politics. More amazing still is that most of them seem to be friendly with one another despite politics. Some are awfully bitter, however.  My goodness, I hope the late election won’t end lifetime friendships. (The photos in this blog all come from Facebook.)  

My cousin Kenny and I let politics interfere with our lifetime relationship as cousins when he supported Bush and I sent him a photo showing a placard with a dog peeing on it.  However, this time we made a pact to behave and I did not send any political messages to anybody. Ditto my sister who seems at times to suffer from Obama derangement syndrome, not unlike the Bush derangement syndrome some suffered (and still do) from 2000 to 2008.


I am not party affiliated, I am issue driven. The problem for me and some of my family is that we were raised Catholic and as Catholics are pro-life AND support social justice. When Blue Dog Democrats were stronger, we would have called ourselves BDD (like Senator Manchin D-WVA). 

I am myself somewhat pro life, but I think the government has NO business in any aspect of sex. That means no interference in personal decisions about your own body, and no tax dollars for abortions as tax dollars are collected from people of all faiths.

A law banning the use of federal funds for abortions exists, but cunning folks find ways to get around it because funds are fungible.  The new health care law is a good example of this diversion, where the federal government is forcing religious institutions like Catholic Charities to provide services that conflict with the faith of those who serve.  Fortunately, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on this case this term, and may come to the aid of the religious institutions.

The Supremes are also hearing a case this fall on the constitutionality of DOMA, a law that excludes gay marriage.  I don’t see how the court could uphold the Constitution and be against gay marriage or civil unions. When it comes to marriage, personal freedom should trump government whenever it can. I also think the religious organizations should remain free to form their own conclusions on this weighty topic without outside interference. By that I mean to force churches to perform marriage of any kind is a violation of the separation of the separation of church and state. 

Apparently, others feel the same way I do.  I began reading Greg Gutfeld’s new book The Joy of Hate this week and he says similar things about these topics. Greg is a libertarian (just slightly less acerbic than Anne Coulter) and has many provocative things to say about tolerance. And he says them in a humorous way.   In fact the subject of Greg’s book is tolerance…what is it and how we practice it or pretend to practice it. Greg is more critical of the left than the right, but the book is very good no matter what your politics.


This past summer, I could not find a single strawberry on my plants.  I though perhaps the dogs were eating them, but they have done that in past summers and always left a few for me.  Then I thought perhaps it was rabbits, we found a few of those in our yard too.  Birds??  But I checked Facebook and now i think I know what happened.





One thing I know…you can always learn something from Facebook  


14 thoughts on “Tolerance

  1. A Facebook “friend” defriended me because I asked him an innocent question. After a moment of contemplation I concluded it is just as well to be without friends like that.

    Tolerance requires one to refrain from being over-sensitive about many things.


  2. I think I’ve already lost one friend through Facebook. He was one of those who got rather deranged with the election and can’t get over the bitterness. This is so sad. I certainly hope I would behave better if it went the other way.


  3. I don’t know which is more unsettling — the grave marker or the strawberry. Anyway, you’re very brave to wade into the topics of abortion AND gay marriage all in one post.

    I recently read that libertarian Republican Kid Rock and ultra-leftist actor Sean Penn are great friends. So are conservative Bill O’Reilly and liberal John Stewart — well, maybe they’re not great friends, but they are friendly and they respect each other. So why can’t we follow their lead?


  4. Only way I survived the election season was to stop the news feed from showing from friends I didn’t agree with on FB. I have learned you are not going to change how a person believes in reguard to politics, religion that comes from personal experience. Any changes in my beliefs came from what has happened to me over my lifetime.How I was raised is not who I am if it was I would be a racisist, narrow minded ,idiot.


  5. It’s one thing to be intolerant … it’s another to express pure hatred, as has been shown so strongly in this last election. I think it is based in fear and the realization that the “good old days” are gone … and they aren’t coming back.


  6. Gah. I’m trying to practice tolerance for that strawberry eater…lol. And I’m most interested in reading the book you mentioned. There is certainly a lack of tolerance in our world.


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