I wanted to see the old town again. I lived in San Diego in the 1950s and made several trips there for one reason or another, in the years following, to attend conferences, meetings, and visit a contractor or two, but often flew in and flew out without seeing “Old Town.”

Plus I love ships and I knew a few hung around the port from time to time.  So, I asked Mage to give me the guided tour which she did explaining various historical landmarks as we flew by them.   

Mage and I were a sight to see. Two old ladies, she driving and me hanging out the window taking photos from the passenger side of the car.

Below a few of the things I saw on my wild trip with the lady driver.

The grey building below caught my eye as it reminded me of the French Quarter in New Orleans. I believe Mage said it was the old market building. That would explain the similarity as all the older settlements were market towns.  

I don’t recall the names of the buildings in the next two photos  but I liked their ‘modernized’ 1920s architecture .

Next came the ships.  I think the ship in the following photos is a WWII air craft carrier now a museum.


I should have taken notes I suppose.  I don’t know why I can remember the names of plants and trees and forget the names of buildings and ships.  I like buildings and ships, but I love trees like the Torry Pine below a real California native pine I saw in the San Diego Botanic Garden where I spent a day with my kids. 

Base of the Torry Pine. You can just catch a close-up of the needles in the upper right part of the “base” photo.   Below the tree top looking up at the clear blue sky from the base.   

12 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. I adore the idea of two old ladies driving madcap, with one of them leaning out of the window taking pictures. Who says getting old has to be miserable?

    Very interesting photos, Dianne.


  2. The carrier is the 1942 launched USS Midway. She served clear through the Gulf war….maybe longer. She was the bane of the Navy. She’s built on a cruiser hull, and being low in the water she is a wet ship. Walter and modern electronics don’t mix.

    I was at a yard sale yesterday you would have loved. there were acres of abandoned pots lining the driveway. Probably they will throw them out. One was a deliciously glazed turquoise with bits of bulbs peeking out from the dirt.


  3. Right now I have difficulty remembering names of trees, wildflowers, authors, musicians and Relatives. Ack! I am sure I have never before heard of or seen a Torry pine. Your post had me googling the pine and becoming immersed in info about the rare evergreen.

    And I am having no difficulty remembering the image of the two wild ladies. Your hanging-out-the-window shots rock!


  4. Good photos and comments on a city we’ve never visited and knew little about. Looks like we should make up for that omission one of these days.


  5. Patty was born in Coronado. We enjoyed going back there a few years ago. I served on an old Essex class WWII carrier (USS Randolph) in the mid 60’s. You brought back a few memories with that picture. If it’s ships you want to see, come visit us, we can look at them all day!


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