Note from a blogger friend

Lately, Jored, one of my blogger buddies, had trouble accessing my site, so she sent me her comment via email.  She wrote the comment in response to the message I posted a few days ago concerning our latest clean out which is still underway (Every tie has a tale). I found the comment very touching and wanted to share it with all of you.


PS we are doing fine here in VA. Close call, but storm seems to have left us relatively untouched. 

Thinking of you — hope you have power, heat, are dry and have food and water.  Earlier texts from dtr further south and east from you, I think.  Stronger winds just arriving there and hoping trees keep roots in ground and branches stay off the roof.  They still had power but got supplies in to be ready for whatever.  I check her local TV stations Internet sites for reports so she can keep cell phone charged in case her power goes out.  Wonder if snow will fall there or where you are, or maybe only further west?

Oh, gee, the memories you touched  — I have briefcases, husband’s and mine, 2 typewriters of mine.  He got rid of his bow ties when he stopped playing music.   I think I liked my husband’s long ties as much as he did, so when he was going to get rid of his thin ties years ago, I “liberated” them to hang in a metal clothes closet left in our garage when we purchased the house so many years ago.  I figured sooner or later thin ties would come back and he had some really nice ones — had been very particular about what he liked.  I must check to see if the ties are still there, or if I parted with them when he died.  I intentionally awaited my daughter and granddaughter’s assist when emptying his closet of suits, coats, but kept a brand new hat my son, dtr and I had gone to great lengths to find, order on the Internet as a Christmas gift the previous year.   He never was able to wear the new one — but won’t be other family members wearing either.  Easterners, Midwesterners  wear winter hats, (though probably not many wear this kind any more) but not here in So Cal, though he sometimes did — he needed a hat to keep his head warm when we visited colder climes.  I always thought he looked quite dapper.

I have so much downsizing I need to do — so many memories and feels like I’m losing part of my life but I know, and have said, that’s one of the kindest gifts we can give our children — to spare them having to go through so many items, many of which will be meaningless to them, or not as emotionally loaded.  I know the pull I feel to retain these possessions has additional significance for me for other reasons.

Stay dry and keep your feet on the ground!


6 thoughts on “Note from a blogger friend

  1. I’m so glad to see you’re still OK. Our son in Baltimore and his girlfriend in D.C. are both OK so far also. They have power at least. My heart goes out to those people on the East coast who have been hit so hard.


  2. Glad you are safe and well having survived the storms. I was thinking about all those ties last night. How about a sewing project using the old ties.

    Nancy Goodman, a textile artist who has lived in Colorado, California, Gabon (Africa), New Mexico, and for the past 16 years in Alabama, has created some wonderful art from men’s neck ties.
    How about a quilt?

    Stay dry & warm.


  3. I was so pleased to see a note from you this morning. That told me you were dry, had power, and one of those large beautiful trees didn’t fall on your roof. Yes, I’ve been worrying. Obviously there was nothing that would interrupt the massive clean out of David’s room or upset the birds and dogs. Hugs.


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