Life is a beach

I am awfully happy to not be traveling at this time. The world-wide air jam must be awful for stranded travelers.  I don’t have a travel bug myself anymore, but once took trips large and small everywhere.  As a result, I am familiar with most of the places on the East Coast affected by our awful recent storm, aptly named Sandy.

That’s me above, on the shore near Brunswick GA where we lived in the early 1940s

Sandy describes every coastal town in the East with the precious sand scraped from the ocean floor to create manmade beaches now piled on the streets and around houses near the ocean. Much of the damage discussed around our area today occurred to the shore and any $$ from the Feds will go to rebuild the beaches until the next time a storm destroys them.

David and me at Ocean City Maryland one September years ago, he naturally tanned and me pasty white.

At one time or another I visited and/or lived on every beach along both coasts (except AK) and those in the Gulf of Mexico and Hawaii. As a child I lived near or on the ocean in Georgia and South Carolina. I traveled to beaches in Texas, LA, AL and MS. As an adult, I lived on or near the ocean in Florida, California and Hawaii.  In between, I traveled to the seaside on business and for pleasure.  I love the ocean, as do most people. David and I talked about living near the sea when we retired, but owing to various factors like my propensity to develop skin cancer, never made the move.

I know the New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia seafront quite well having traveled extensively up and down the East Coast on business for many years (I worked for Ma Bell before she died).

I am particularly familiar with the New Jersey coast for several reasons, 1/ partly owing to a fellow named Steve who reported to me and lived in north Jersey, and 2/ partly owing to my second marriage to a fellow from south Jersey (near Cape May) where we married in 1975.

The children tell me that after we divorced, #2 left New Jersey and moved to South Carolina. Sounds about right because he was a very conservative Army Colonel and I am sure Jersey was far too liberal for him, although he grew up there.

Life isn’t a beach of course, unless it is a beach in New England, rocky and rough. But nothing is more beautiful than a rocky coast in a rough sea.


8 thoughts on “Life is a beach

  1. Your personal history is a geography lesson. I, too, am a pasty white. No California Girl tan for me. Tanning for me was going from slightly green to white. As a teen I envied my friends’ tans.Still do. Married a guy who prefers mountains to beach. Guess it was meant to be!


  2. Like our HI friend, we are so glad you are ok and with power. Yes, I too am a beach woman now having grown up inland. Most of the tourists are gone from ours now, and soon they will put the berm up. I watch your weather with horror.


  3. I hate being far from the ocean, which is why I didn’t like Germany. What a relief it was to be in Amsterdam. I love Hawaii for that reason and wouldn’t dream of living in the mid-west.


  4. I, too, have been to many of the East Coast beaches and have a sister living on Cape Cod now. They got hammered too but nothing like New Jersey. Mother Nature sure wasn’t foooling around this time.


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