Every tie has a tale

Our home is a shambles this morning as David has been cleaning his room and closet. So far he has hauled 3 typewriters, 2 brief cases a backpack or two and a huge suitcase to the station wagon for removal to Goodwill.

Soldiers of the Punjab in Khaki uniforms. The word is Hindustani—->

You think I am ever going to travel again? he says.  Do you think I am ever going to work again? I help him sort through the suits and ties as he loads the briefcases in the car. A quarter inch of dust on everything as he hasn’t worn most of them for over 10 years. I pull out the blue jacket which goes so well with his khaki pants..the only kind he will wear, and one nice blue suit he bought soon after we married.

Every tie has a tale to tell.  I bought most of them for birthdays, Christmas past and other occasions.  Some are red, some blue, most are or were expensive silk ties bought with each new suit when we both worked and made the big bucks. I have seen artists do wonderful things with old ties, I tell him.

When I traveled, which was often, I always bought him a tie. There are no silly ties with dancing girls on them, however. David is a conservative man who was once an executive with a large corporation. In his prime he dressed like Mitt Romney. All David’s ties are conservative ties. Or so he thinks.  I threw out the wide ties I tell him.  I never wore a wide tie in my life he tells me about 30 years too late.

These days, David wears a tie once in a while, so I kept three ties back for him, all blue. If you want a red tie, I tell him, I will buy you a new one (it won’t be wide either). The others are all on their way to the cleaners with the other stuff to be cleaned before we deliver them to Goodwill.


 Why do I feel a clammy hand on my throat?  The weather people are predicting ominous things for those of us on the East Coast. An unseasonal snow storm bearing down from the Northwest toward a tropical storm approaching from the Southeast. A perfect storm they are saying.  What’s so perfect about it? Most of are praying the darned thing will blow off into the Atlantic and dissipate.

8 thoughts on “Every tie has a tale

  1. Ties, suits, suitcases… they can all go now.
    Get rid of the clutter and make room for . . . what?

    Beloved still has black and white tie outfits although he will never perform again. I’ve told him he could peraps become a waiter if he wants to keep the tails and dinner suits.

    Ridiculous, the stuff we amass in a life time.


  2. I am at the wardrobe/closet clearing too. About that storm….. Watch where you push it. 😉 Over in Ireland we get the tail-end of all your east coast weather! There was snow in Sweden and also near London, yesterday it is beginning to appear all around me.


  3. Unless those children find mentors, they fail in life or start life late. I know this well.

    David is doing so well with his closets. Bravo. I can’t get G to quite get up steam to go through his. Tho I understand. Too many years of leaving things behind in Pakistand as they left again and again.

    Hugs at ya….batten down, we are watching the weather and thinking of you.


  4. You sure do observe men’s fashions, i.e., the width of a man’s tie. I never pay attention to that, mainly because I rarely see men wearing suits in Hawaii. The last time David wore a coat and tie was for Maria’s formal wedding in 2004.


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