Houses and homes

You know you are getting older when the places you frequented as a young person are now called “old town.”  I like the idea of preserving parts, but not all, of the past.  Often the past must give way to newer brighter ventures.

A neat thing about older cities is that you can actually see parts of past encapsulated in various neighborhoods. Mage remarked on our neighborhood and I have to agree its pretty nifty. The eclectic mix of architecture is very interesting. One of the data firms classified our neighborhood as bohemian a few years back.

We moved to this neighborhood when it was on the skids back in the early 1980s and bought our house for about 1/5 of its current value.  Over time, we made many changes, and more are on the way.  After I saw Mage’s cute kitchen and the new kitchen my son and his wife recently installed, I came home and told David…next spring we are renovating the kitchen.  Mainly I want to have it painted, but also, I could do with new cabinets.


Today, a Washington Post article reports the Washington DC area is now the number 1 destination for young people (college graduates).  Apparently, older government workers are retiring like crazy and leaving the area in droves for warmer places or returning to their home states.

Above: In the San Diego Botanic Garden.

In the middle of winter, I sometimes think of the warmth of Florida where I lived ages ago and where my Nana and several of her sisters and their husbands also retired in the 1950s (Saint Petersburg). But I would live near at least one of my children (she did not).  

My granddaughters are grown and getting on with their lives.   Our plan is to get together at Thanksgiving and probably Christmas too.  My two oldest granddaughters, ages 22 and 24 have each gone to work fulltime for the universities where they graduated. Both should be home for the holidays. 


It was a treat to see my son and his family in San Diego a few weeks ago. However, Richard and Wendy are so busy shuttling the boys everywhere, they burn several tanks of 5$ a gallon gas per week and communicate via fancy new Blue Tooth and cell phone setups. 

Grandson Jacob has an online schedule where his homework assignments can be viewed by all involved. As I watched my son and DIL cope with the various school and after school activities of their two boys, I realized they are co-teachers and co-coaches.  This makes me wonder what happens to children who don’t come from homes with two involved parents? 

Above Richard plays ball with Jacob.




10 thoughts on “Houses and homes

  1. I remember, a couple of years ago when vacationing in Florida, I met an older guy from Washington, DC. He told me he had recently retired to Ft. Lauderdale because, “I just can’t take those cold winters anymore.”

    And I’m thinking — You’re from Washington, DC. What cold winters? Try north of New York if you want cold winters!


  2. There are many fine neighborhoods everywhere. Glad yours is one of them. Mine is rather run down, and often when homes are sold, they are torn down and rebuilt into more modern edifices. I just wish our streets were tree lined. I love trees.


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