Sunday in the Dog Park

We saw George and Mage Sunday. I retrieved them from the Virginia Square metro stop and drove them to our place where they met David, who then transported them to his club for a meeting. (David had been cleaning his car all morning.) David said over 200 people attended the meeting, many of them youngsters the ages of our grandchildren (early 20s). I hope Mage and George enjoyed it.

One thing we have in abundance in our area is young people. They migrate here from all over the US and the world, and our county is one of the most ethnically diverse in the US. It is also the physically healthiest county in the US.  Of course young people are generally healthier than older folks, so that is no surprise. 

Yes, we are fairly youth-centered in Arlington, with miles of bike and hiking trails, as well as dog parks.  Another thing you will see in our county is community gardens. Although garden allotments are common in Europe, they are only becoming a rage here in the US. We have managed to fit them in everywhere.  

Harry Truman once said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”  Many youngsters appear to have taken his advice as apartment buildings and Condo communities compete by advertising amenities for dogs. And, you can count on the passage of bonds for dog parks every election. There were dozens of dog walkers out near the Metro stop where I met George and Mage.

The New York Times reports neighbors in the city are fighting over the keeping of urban chickens.  This feels like de ja vu to me. When I first moved to the DC area in 1961, I saw chickens and chicken houses in the back yards of houses along East Capital. Now urban chickens are all the rage. (To the left one of my daughters chickens.)                                                              –                                          –000—  

David had cleaned his station wagon to make room for passengers. In the process, he delivered what looked like a half ton of stuff to Good Will. Included were three old typewriters covered with dust he had stored in his bedroom closet. Inspired, he visited the vacuüm cleaner store and bought an attachment he can use to vacuüm his suits, most of them unworn for many years.

David’s suits are so old they are back in style with their narrow lapels. Or maybe not.  I don’t keep up with men’s fashions any more, but I know at one point in our working lives we both dressed well. I gave most of my work clothes away ages ago. They were beautiful clothes, but they were mostly size 10 outfits and I couldn’t get into them today for love nor money. I kept a few things like scarves which I never wear. I am scarf and hat mad.  Shoes too.  Some day, I will be thin again and wear those scarves with some fancy outfit, but I will never wear heels again. Maybe.


6 thoughts on “Sunday in the Dog Park

  1. I hate to admit that David’s car-cleaning strategy is our strategy for housecleaning. Company coming for a visit motivates us. Evidently not even visiting passengers motivates us to clean out our van. Sigh.

    Dog park politics, urban chickens, George and Mage–an entertaining post.


  2. I wonder why you haven’t posted a photo of Mage and George with either you or David. That would’ve been nice! I used to own a dog in NYC and loved her with all my heart. Now, however, I get upset when I see dog poo in my yard or among my Ixora next to the mail box. Grrr. There’s a law, folks, you’re supposed to pick up after your dog. Thank goodness, we have yardmen who clean up the area once a month.


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