Sunshine on your shoulder

Fellow bird lover ?? Students and Birds ?? at has nominated me for the Sunshine award, perhaps because she is living so far north in Scotland and I am in sunny Virginia.  Strangely, she is busy with many of the same things that occupy me, including the care and feeding of small feathered friends. So, thank you student whoever you are.

To qualify for the award, I must answer a few questions (see below) and name bloggers I enjoy. If I name you below, to qualify for the award you are charged with the same tasks.

The first task is easy, and the second task next to impossible.  If I read your blog, it’s because I enjoy it, so if I left you off the list forgive me.  On the other hand, if I failed to include you, you might be thankful because this award smacks of a chain letter and I don’t have a clue as to the student’s real identity. However, given my faith in the goodness of most human beings here goes:  

Favorite colour –  Blue on me, orange in the garden.

Favorite animal – Dogs. 

Favorite number – 11, its my lucky number

Favorite drink – Espresso.

Facebook or Twitter – Facebook, although I am not on very often.

Your passion(s) – Gardening and birding

Giving or getting presents – Giving

Favorite day – Today

Favorite flowers – Lately, its been daisies.

Favorite blogs (see my blog list for addresses):

Big Al The Cvillean because he makes me laugh about politics.

Linda, The Laughing Housewife, (Tilly for those in the know), because she makes me laugh. She is the kid I loved in school because I was a “goody-two shoes” and she was the kid always into mischief and making me laugh.

Linda at Retirement Daze because I like Linda.

Mage at Postcards because she makes me laugh and we share many interests (not birds).

Friko at Friko’s Musings because she writes about gardening.

Kay at Musings, because she reminds me of my favorite teacher, Miss Neely, who kept me after school because I laughed at Jimmy Fuller during quiet time.  

Gigi at Gigihawaii because we are kindred spirits although I can’t play a note of music.

6 thoughts on “Sunshine on your shoulder

  1. I was a little confused about ‘the award’ myself after being nominated… I wasn’t keen on the chain letter aspect, but decided in the end that even if it turns out to be nothing more than that, I was given the excuse to share with family, friends, and readers what I’ve been reading (and, of course, enjoying). Good luck! -S.


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