Whose listening?

Pundits here in DC like to discuss whose up and whose down in the world of politics.  Given most folks in the hinterlands have made up their minds and won’t change them no matter what, all that remains is to persuade a few “undecided” folks how to vote.  Fat chance there are any truly undecided folks at this juncture. Nevertheless they keep trying, pummeling us with ads via mail and TV night after night.

I didn’t watch much TV while I was in California, but my son says they don’t have many political ads. Everyone seems to know how CA will vote. Here in Virginia (a swing state) things are dire and growing worse by the moment. I can’t get away from the ads when I am safely tucked up in my bed. 

At six o’clock this morning, I was awakened by a text message on my cell phone which I keep on my bedside table. I had the following thoughts in quick succession:

Somebody must have died. 

A tornado is coming.

The university is telling me about a traffic accident or flood backing traffic on the roads into the GMU campus… don’t they know I have graduated? (Disconnecting from the local university internet access and not buying a parking pass should have been a clue)

NO it wasnt’ any of the above. I am lying, I am on the DO NOT CALL list so I don’t even check these rogue calls. I knew if it was a death the caller would contact us on the land line. If it’s a tornado, I can’t do anything but be blown away.  If it’s the university they can put you know what in their you know where. Or as Joe Biden likes to say, they can stuff it.

I am moving into the I can’t be bothered phase of my politics. I have heard it all, seen it all and I am appalled by the incivility. Our politics have devolved into the caricatures portrayed by cartoonists in the nineteenth century newspapers.

If I believe the Democrats, the Republicans are scurrilous scum bags (and felons) who don’t care about anyone but the rich (a strange idea given most of the rich are Democrats from New York and California)

If I believe the Republicans, well never mind.

Both sides are sure the other side burns too much gas probably because they eat too much bacon. Or did I get that backwards?

If I believe the Republicans, the Democrats are a politburo composed of folks who can’t shoot straight and are driving us off a financial cliff.

What a mess.

Neither man has been entirely clear about where he will take the country. Mr Hope and Change is now Mr Stay the Course and Mr Hope and Change is not steering the ship of state. 

Nevertheless, I think I have decided how I will cast my ballot at the national and local level too.  My only question now is which man will get my vote for the Senate, the ex-Jesuit who now supports abortion or the amiable son of the football coach. Both are former governors and have track records. 

Don’t send me anymore messages.  I am impervious to your pleadings and spin.    

12 thoughts on “Whose listening?

  1. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the ‘Sunshine Award’… I know it’s a chain-letter, basically, but I think it’s a nice way to share the blogs I’ve been enjoying. Cheers! -S.


    • The Italian macroeconomist and sociologist, Villfredo Pareto, wrote no matter who you think wins an election, the same people are running the world. Nazis or Communists, right or left. He called it the circulation of the lions and foxes….always a predator in charge. How’s that for cynacism?


  2. I would hate to live in a state where the outcome is always a foregone conclusion. It’s more fun be in a “swing” state. It’s the only time I get to swing.


  3. Mage, you must have a HUGE suitcase to fit enough stuff for 2 people for 11 days. We’ll be gone for 14 days, and need 2 suitcases and 2 backpacks. The hard part is meeting the maximum of 44 lbs for travel within India. International is not bad, 55 lbs. What a discrepancy!

    Dianne, when I get political ads in the mail, I just discard them without reading them first. I get all of my information from the newspapers. And, yes, by now, most people have made up their minds. The ones who haven’t probably won’t vote, anyway.


  4. I too am impervious to the constant nattering. Geee…..

    Yes, this trip I share that grey suitcase with G, I have my purse and a carryon,. Ditto G. We check one for the 11 days. Hopefully, that will work. Looking forward to seeing you again.


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